Bad Recognition

I'm new around here so i'd like to contibute to the wiki in the form of reviews for chapters and episodes, so here i go!

Thought this chapter was better than the last 2.

Ivan is probably a quincy but he still has arrancar qualities so i think its possible for him either to be a quincy, a arrancar or a mixed race.

People in the Rukongai have been disspaering. Does that mean they have a base that they are at or ar they being held prisoner or dissapearing the way that hollows do when they are killed by quincies?

The 7 characters aprroaching yamamoto made me think that Ivan doesnt know them, and if he does then he either wasnt invited along because they have an army of sorts or he is the same race as them but against what they are doing. So he goes to Ichigo for help. This arc is probably going to be focused on Uryu like the fullbring arc was on Chad but he didn't notice who Ivan is so suppossedly we can assume he is either working for the 7 characters who have launched war ( which i think is unlikely) or is seeking help against them.

The main batttle ground for this final arc is not the soul society but an Ice Palace so i'm interested to see how we get there from the soul society! I liked the fast paced-ness of this arc so far ( for this chapter at least ) but a bit weirded by Yumichika's even more girly look.

This is my first review ever so please keep comments clean and any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Some of this chapter was funny and really looking forward to next weeks!

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