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Just read 393. I'd say it's an improvement over last week's (but then again, so's getting sat on a 20st guy), but still some disappointments, mainly at the form Wonderboy takes in ressureccion. Yes, I appreciate that him chasing butterflies now makes sense, but still, I'd have hoped for something a little more threatening than a butterfly (unless he starts creating hurricanes on the other side of the world ;)) That said, I think it's a good move for his ressy being geared to nullify RJ; for one, someone other than I-God directly has the power. It should make things a little more interesting in the coming weeks. Where's Kensei buggered off to, tho?

Regardless, we can celebrate, coz Yama-jii has finally decided to stop being an old fart and fight (though I do agree with Aizen's 'took you long enough' swipe) So what if Wonderweiss can nullify his flames? Aizen said (at least in the version I read) that Yama is stronger than him, thus answering one of the longest running questions in Bleach :), so I'd think there's plenty more tto come. Also, Yama gave away an indicator whether KS is working or not when he got impaled; not ideal, but it's a start.

One thing concerns me though; This is meant to be finishing mid June, right? It's late February, so he has about 14 issues to get this story wrapped up. He has FKT & HM to sort out, so my fear is he'll get pushed for time and make a real dog's breakfast of it, considering how much the story typically progresses per issue. Tbh, I expect him to overshoot, rather than risk messing it up

What did you all think of the chapter? All posts/critiques/insults to the usual address ;)

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