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The following was translated by kay_willow of LJ. This is basically what Kubo wrote about Gin in Bleach: Official Bootleg KaraBuri+. I just wanted to share give that Gin seems to be getting some page time these days.

Ichimaru Gin

His smiles, they are an act of menace.

A former member of the 5th division, Ichimaru Gin served as Captain Aizen's previous lieutenant. Since then, he and Captain Aizen have been close.

Birthday September 10

Height 185 cm

Weight 69 kg

Zanpakutou Shinsō

Phrase Ikorose Shinsō

Haori Underside corpse-white

Hobby people-watching

Skill threading a needle


Loves: dried persimmons

Hates: dried sweet potatoes

How he spends his time off Taking walks

Special Notes: (Top secret!)

Ever since he was a child, dried persimmons have been his absolute favorite food. Gin planted and raised many persimmon trees around the 3rd division offices, and makes the dried persimmons himself, then he distributes them to other divisions. Once he wound up eating a dried sweet potato, thinking, "Oh, it's a dried persimmon!" and he hated it.

(See! Gin's nice! He shares his dried persimmons! You didn't know he was the sharing kind did you! Gin's so nice... *sigh*...)

The 3rd Division Flower: Marigold

[ despair ]

A smile is always clinging to Captain Ichimaru Gin's lips. With that gentle expression it's impossible to grasp his true motives, which creates a slightly difficult atmosphere for the people around him... So, he's a little -- scary.

(It creates a slightly difficult atmosphere for his fans too. We have no idea what he's upto. >.< )

"I was just taking a walk... Looking for a little trouble."

When he has free time, Captain Ichimaru goes on walks around Seireitei. Although his hobby is people-watching, it seems like maybe he's hunting around and searching for an opportunity to create mischief with some poor victim... The gentlemen of the 3rd division are contrary, and they have the kind of attitude that enjoys that mean-spiritedness.

A mixture of lies and truths?! The mysterious division.

With a constantly distant demeanor, Captain Ichimaru seems to speak in riddles. No one really knows how many members of the 3rd Division have become victims of his cruelty. In one's own opinion, it seems as if they should welcome taking instruction from Lieutenant Kira instead.

Unreadable intentions.

During the chaos of the ryoka intrusion, Captain Ichimaru committed an immense blunder in letting the ryoka he encountered slip through his fingers. With the force of a captain, it shouldn't have been difficult for him to at the least capture them...

The Weight of the Past: Gin and Rangiku

Childhood friends who spent every day together, Captain Ichimaru and the 10th division's Lieutenant Matsumoto enrolled at around the same time. When Lieutenant Matsumoto was dying of hunger, Captain Ichimaru gently offered her some dried persimmons. Since then, they both have loved dried persimmons, according to the rumors.

(Incidentally, Kira and Hitsugaya both hate dried persimmon. I am sure Gin forces Kira to eat dried persimmon anyway, I wonder if Rangiku does the same to Hitsugaya... )

The final apology.

Just before his whereabouts were lost, Captain Ichimaru left behind these words for Lieutenant Matsumoto. What was the real reason for this apology...?

(Why don't you just stop beating around the bush and just tell us why he apologised Kubo! You're the one who is keeping us in the dark!)

Tinni's Fawns Over Gin

All colour 094

"Those who do not know what love is liken it to beauty. Those who claim to know what love is liken it to ugliness."

The man has two ties to the Gotei 13, Matsumoto Rangiku - his childhood companion/classmate/only friend and Kira Izuru - his former lieutenant. Otherwise he was pretty much an outcast in an organisation that embraced, more or less, Zaraki Kenpachi and Kurotsachi Mayuri. But then I suppose Gin's sadism makes Mayuri look like a fluffy bunny who gives out hugs and cuddles; Zaraki is more a insane masochist who loves being cut.

He also seems to be something of an outcast among the Arrancar. Tosen doesn't seem to like him much. He tells Ulquoirra he's been lonely since Luppi died. Luppi says in an omake that he doesn't like Gin. Ulquoirra himself chooses silence over answering Gin when Gin asks Ulquoirra to be more friendly towards him. Wonderweiss thinks Gin is a threat.

Seems that Aizen is the only person who likes Gin. Gin also seems to have a better understanding of Aizen then anyone else. He seems to know what Aizen is thinking, is in tune with Aizen's emotions and seems to be able to see through Aizen's manipulative games. So I guess we can assume that Aizen isn't manipulating Gin. I.e. whatever Gin is doing, Gin is doing out of his own free will and not because he's being fooled/brainwashed/has some delusions about Aizen and Aizen's personaliy, goals and methods.

Now to what he's done. He's cut Hiyori in two and was delighted at his deed. Loved seeing Fura get one-shoted by Mashiro, loved seeing Wonderweiss get beaten up by Mashiro. Gin loves messing with Rukia's head, taunting her just before her execution and manipulating the corridor controls to get her to face "Kaien". While Aizen was talking about his ambition and Tosen sprouted about his justice, he said sorry and good by to Matsumoto thus keeping his reasons for following Aizen a mystery. He seemed to genuinely be happy that Kira wasn't wallowing in despair. Killed the third seat of the 5th squad as a kid for some reason. Made an effort to kill Hitsugaya, Hinamori and Rukia, although whether he was actually trying to kill Ichigo or Aizen's instructions were "just don't let them through so easily", is a bit of a mystery. But pulled back his sword from Matsumoto.

Although chances are he won't withdraw his sword from her again... or he might... because he does seem to be doing things for shits and giggles at the moment and so chances are that if it stops being fun, he'll just stop. Or will he... god damn it! What's going through that little silver head of his! *shakes her Gin plushie (yes I have a Gin plushie!)* What's your motivation! What are you thinking! Why are you so god damn mysterious! *sob* I want a Gin gaiden! Also, am I the only one who finds Gin's picture caption from the Art Book, All colour but the Black (see picture), ominous and full of foreshadowing?

Gin's Popularity

  • 2nd Popularity poll: 5th by 3602 votes
  • 3rd Popularity poll: 5th by 4039 votes
  • 4th Popularity poll: 12th by 3699 votes (Damn you, arrancars!!!!)
  • 5th Popularity poll: Shinso came 8th
  • 6th Popularity poll: Gin vs Hitsugaya came 5th

The great fox vs snake debate

For those of you who don't know. There is a great debate that consumes all Gin fans. Is he a snake or is he a fox! Rukia called him a snake. Given Shinso, many fans think he's a snake too. Kira, of course, famously thinks of his captain as a fox as seen in the Colourful Bleach chapters.



Well, the debate has been settled! Look at the picture below and tell me that's not Gin... in the fresh!

Gin the fox

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