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  • Thejoker2508

    Grimmjaw: Dead or Alive

    November 26, 2011 by Thejoker2508

    Where is Grimmjaw? Is he Dead or Alive? During his battle with Ichigo, where he was seemingly defeated from Ichigo's last attack he suddenly rose back and refused to lose to Ichigo but before he can fight back he is cut down by Nnoitra and left for dead. But there was no confirmaton from Tite Kubo on weither or not Grimmjaw is dead. But If he is still alive knowing him he is most likely ruling Hueco Mundo.

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  • Thejoker2508

    Ichigo's New Bankai

    November 23, 2011 by Thejoker2508

    Ok so in the new chapter, Ginjo tells Ichigo some possile BS about his Subsitute Soul Reaper badge. And in responds to this Ichigo tells him to shu up and yels Bankai! So now the question is what will the new bankai look like. When Ichigo gt his powers back we all figured or atleast I did, that Ichigo's shikai would be the same but it changd and looks totally badass, so you can only imagine what his Bankai would look like. While rading the new chapter I found this picture of what Ichigo's New Bankai would possibly look like. So if anybody finds anymore fan art of Ichigo's new bankai please upload them here, or to my page and i'll post them to this blog. Until next Wendsday when the new chapter is release and get a real picture of his Banka…

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