After reading the last chapter and noticing that Uyru seems to have joined the Vandenreich, I would like to add my own thoughts to this. First off, I think the whole Quincy pride plays into the role, Uyru showing that he would do anything to support the Quincy. What does that mean? Well, I need to see more info on that to find out.

Now, what I think is the deciding factor on this whole situation. We know how Uyru's mother died by Ywabach taking out all non pure-blooded Quincies in order to regain his power, but does Uyru know the truth behind his mother's death? What he already should know is that she feel into a coma on the same day Masaki died and soon passed on herself three months later. The question here is, If Isshin already knows the truth, could we assume that Ryuken knows and if he does, did he tell Uyru?

I can see Uyru joining the Vandenreich being a main part later on, with Ichigo or Ryuken either trying to turn him back over by telling him the truth behind his mother's death, or Uyru getting killed while on the enemy's side while knowing the truth all along. This is one part of the series that will become more clear as we move on in the actual series

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