• Tensa gestsau

    Has anybody ever wondered about ANOTHER form of Zangetsu?

    I mean let us think about it, when Ichigo learned Zanqetsu's name the latter was our old sweet Zangetsu.

    When the hollow took over it was hollow Ichigo.
    When Ichigo went into bankai it was Tensa Zangetsou

    Now my real question is; what if he goes into hollow form.

    When the hollow took over Ichigo had no control

    But if Ichigo meditates WITH the mask on

    1 He still has control, meaning no hollow Ichigo is taking over

    2 Two he is in bankai so no old sweet man

    3 The hollow AND Tensa Zangetsou come together, do we see a new hollow Ichigo or do we see ANOTHER Zangetsu, mayby a younger version WITH MASK (broken)

    What do you guys think, what would Zanqetsu look like if Ichigo went in in hollow form? He…

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