One thing after reading the last several chapters has got me thinking, when Ichigo was fighting Quilge it was made clear that the only way the SR were able to stand toe to toe against the Shinigami was through the use of their Bluts. That being said over these last few fights there was pretty much not even a mention of these during the recent battles, the way it was stated is that when fighting the Blut Vene protects them from attack and Blut Arterie enhances their attack power, now can they seamlessly switch between the two or does it take some time to stop one to engage the other, the main reason I ask is because in the recent battles it just kind of seems to me like they seem to be able to use them both simultaneously because they are getting hit with some pretty major attacks and walking away with almost no damage and then just rolling over their opponents like they're nothing, however when Ichigo fought Quilge there was a very clear statement of the difference of their power, Ichigo was able to stand against him just in Shikai and when he went Bankai on him he was being overwhelmed even while he was using Vollstandig, so is Quilge just that much weaker than the SR or is this whole thing just being overlooked now?

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