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October 2, 2012
  • Tekkphreke

    So based on how the powers of all the major players in the series works, I had a theory, again this is purely conjecture so bear with me, ok so we know that Arrancar Zanpakutos are the nucleus of the their hollow powers contained within the sword, now with Ichigo's original powers when his internal hollow would take over he would gain access to all the standard hollow powers, albeit a highly beefed up version. So theoretically now that Ichigo's inner hollow has been forged within his bigger Zanpakuto it's possible that instead of a Bankai he has a Resurrecion where when released he could assume his hollow form and possibly control it now. Now on his smaller sword (his Quincy powers) it's possible that could be a Shinigami forged version…

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  • Tekkphreke

    Well I figured I would do another roster update for the current statuses of the Gotei 13. The list consists of ACTIVE, which means they are at this moment still battle ready, INACTIVE which means they are alive but injured or disabled currently but could come back into play later, TBD meaning unknown status and/or we're not sure if they will be able to participate any further, and finally KIA meaning they are dead and not coming back. Also I am only listing important characters that might make a difference (ie. I don't care if the 8th seat of whatever division is alive or dead) as well and making note if they are Bankai users

    Gotei 13 & Allies:


    Shunsui Kyoraku (Bankai)

    Joshiro Ukitake (Bankai)

    Byakuya Kuchiki (Bankai)

    Renji Abarai (Ba…

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  • Tekkphreke

    So I've been watching the series all the way back from the beginning again, I've noticed that there has been hints of Ichigo's heritage almost back to the beginning:

    Notice the blanket design.

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  • Tekkphreke

    Shikai and Bankai

    December 24, 2013 by Tekkphreke

    I've been curious about something, I kind of noticed this when Shinji showed up in that last battle, also something about Yamamoto's final battle, it's been talked about how Captains have mastered their Bankai, the question I have is that is there truly an absolute limit to the strength of Bankais and for that matter Shikai. During the last battle that Shinji showed up for he mentioned he had been training his Shikai to be able to distort speech as well as perception of direction and so forth. Yamamoto had pointed out that over the 1000 years between his first and final battles with Yhwach his Bankai had changed and continued to grow even more powerful, though Yhwach stated he was weaker than when he faced him 1000 years ago. Also a ki…

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  • Tekkphreke

    Blut Vene and Blut Arterie

    December 12, 2013 by Tekkphreke

    One thing after reading the last several chapters has got me thinking, when Ichigo was fighting Quilge it was made clear that the only way the SR were able to stand toe to toe against the Shinigami was through the use of their Bluts. That being said over these last few fights there was pretty much not even a mention of these during the recent battles, the way it was stated is that when fighting the Blut Vene protects them from attack and Blut Arterie enhances their attack power, now can they seamlessly switch between the two or does it take some time to stop one to engage the other, the main reason I ask is because in the recent battles it just kind of seems to me like they seem to be able to use them both simultaneously because they are…

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