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    <center>Doty's Zanpakutō:

    Doty’s Flying Spirit of the West Wind is released into Shikai with the command “Uncoil” it then takes the form of a long massive set of bolas. It has three techniques: first, it allows the wielder to strike with inhuman precision; second, it drains an opponent's spiritual energy by touch and third can fire off blasts of spiritual energy absorbed from opponent or master.

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  • Tekko tetsu-tenohira


    December 28, 2009 by Tekko tetsu-tenohira

    Fight to push back the darkness

    Strike to piece threw the clouds

    Break threw the illusions

    So light may shine once more


    Heat up

    Cool down

    Rise up

    Fall down

    Reach out

    Hold back

    Break threw

    Close off


    Dispels the darkness

    Release the light

    Cast aside your fears

    And strive for the next day


    Show all in your way that you are more then they have ever seen

    Never let them tell you that you are nothing

    Shred apart the past

    To piece together a better future

    -- 08:56, December 28, 2009 (UTC)

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