Why did I make that seem so lively? I'm not lively, I got in an accident the day after 410's release...and so many developments have been hitting me like multiple blows from Getsuga Tenshou. Where to begin on this Chapter? I wasn't happy with it, probably from the let down of Kanoji's reappearance. Yeah yeah, funny guy...oh Gin's got a "chibi" face going on, very nice...but I was expecting someone a little more...tough? If Kubo gives him a mystically hidden power out of his butt then fine, maybe he can stand a chance but he seems like nothing more than a thin wall in the way of Aizen and Tatsuki.

Then there's...TenZan-Shirosaki and that was a cool feature...but overlal the chapter felt more like a reunion between two enemies and things I already knew were unfolding. When they finally fuse, we get a few tidbits of the appearance but nothing good enough for a frontal view. I just hope this form gets more "panel-time" in the next chapter and things start to get really interesting.

Anything else? Oh, Rangiku...felt tacked on really, then again chapters end like that...suddenly a character appears as either a shadow or in full form. Nothing dramatically shocking, I had a feeling Kubo wasn't going to have her just pointlessly run (a few chapters back) and that be the end of yay, now she'll get to effect Gin.

3/5 as my rating and that's being fair...the idea of fusion plus Kanoji's humour added a point, but the fact that I wasn't overwhelmed by the appearance of a long missed character (you know who) or Tessai or some other powerful entity...the chapter left me with a "meh" feeling.

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