Here's some interesting tidbits, do note that the OOOO are blocked out for "spoiler" reasons. Er, to prevent spoilers...I don't know them...

Q : May I ask you about the 10th division captain from the past? (TBTP) A : OOO isn't dead. OOO is perfectly fine in OOOOOO

Q : The so-called OOOOO, do you mean OO is OO?

A : yeap, OO is OO. At that time the candidate was the 10th division vice captain-OOO(nt: someone's name),who was originally to be promoted as captain, but...

Q : Woo, I felt there is an incredible spoilers coming up.

A : yeap, OOOO (laugh). But alot of things happened, so..eventually, OOOO,OOO hitsugaya toushiro is promoted . OO is OOOOOOO.

Q : eh? could it be at that time OOOOO is involved?

A : yeap, OOOO. If OOOOO, such OO should do. (laugh)

Q : Personally, I would have expect if OOOOO, OO will be the vice captain, but I was totally wrong (laugh)

A : That's interesting (laugh).

Q : The thing that's hanging in Syazel Apporo's lab, how is that happening?

A : ah, OOO.The drawing was OOO and OOO.

Q : (while reviewing shonen comics-ジャンプ.コミックス) ahh!!! eh--??!! Indeed!! It really is OOOO (laugh)

A : your reaction makes me feel so happy (laugh).

Q : Why thank you (laugh). From now on, are you gonna develop OOOOOO?

A : perhaps there will be no connection with OOO,but I think will be in connection with OOOO. OOOOO.

Q : hold on a sec(laugh). Just now, do you mean OOOOOOO ?

A : (laugh)

Q : If it is OOO, then this will be the next series?

A : not the next series, its the next next series. Now OOOO is already OOOOO, its all already in OOOOO state/condition.

Q : oh(laugh)!?

A : Even in this state, OOO still maintains the original look, although OOOOOOOOOOO (laugh). If OOOOO,for OOOOO its like a OOOOO device, OOOOOO (laugh).


Credit to czeliate on BA:

The next arc will take place in Karakura town and a character who's older than Ichigo will appear.

Kubo was asked if Chojiro could ever become a Captain, to which Kubo replied that he lacks the qualities a Captain would need. He draws characters like that, so Vice Captains like Hisagi and Kira probably don't appear to have the right stuff to become Captains either. Kubo says it'll be interesting to see if any Vice Captains get promoted to Captaincy.

Kubo was asked if Marenoshin was a member of the Omnitsukido. Kubo replied that he was and that he thinks Marenoshin is more outstanding than his son.

According to Kubo, Seinosuke isn't a nice person but he has a great respect for his Captain. On the subject of Unohana Kubo was asked how old she is, which Kubo replied that she was already a Captain from the beginning and he'll draw her "true face" in the future.

Kubo wants Ganju to re-appear in the manga.

Kubo plans to reveal all the Royal Guard.

Kubo says he'll probably pen another Turn Back the Pendulum Arc since the various Vice Captains and Kiganju have been introduced.

Kubo wishes readers didn't make judgments on characters they don't properly know yet and that he'd prefer they understood the character before they decided whether they love or hate them, which is why he made Hisagi so prominent in Fake Karakura Town.

Kubo doesn't feel as if some of the dead characters have received proper closure, so he is wondering how he will give it to them.

Lastly, Kubo doesn't hate any characters - even the really evil ones.

Sooo, there is is!

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