Oh we go.

Prologue: Escape from the Underworld

Here, in the firey pits of the Underworld, we sit here today at molten desks speaking out of skulls attached to bones to report not one, not two but...jeez, too many chapters! How can we do it all SP2?!

SP2: You know you didn't even introduce the segment...

TV: Well I uh, I was going to get to

SP1: You youngians and your confounded newstellercasting on this dagblasted computing machine. Why I outta...

Bleach: GETSUGATENSHOU! *much of the surrounding area is destroyed, leaving these newscasters wondering just what the hell is going on*


Ichigo: I'm Ichigo Kurosaki, or...Kurosaki Ichigo, depends on how you want to say it!

TV: Then why were you credited as "Bleach" just now?!


SP3: Honestly I don't see the meaning for the word...first and foremost, his hair is orange...not blonde. I've been led to believe your hair is either some shade of yellow or white to be considered "Bleached". Secondly, why are you referred to as Strawberry? You're more like a Carrot-top...

Ichigo: ...blame Kubo ~_~;


  • The newscasters follow Ichigo out of the underworld and return to their studio safely, where runs off for no apparent reason...because he's always like...running and stuff*

Today in Bleach News

TV: So...we're uh...I guess we're back on the air!

WELCOME ONE, WELCOME ALL...TO THE REVIVED EDITION OF TV'S SPECIAL SEGMENT...SOMETHING, SOMETHING BLEACH NEWS! *whispers* what the hell is the name?!....Oh bloody hell, we're joined today by...well shoot, someone suggest a guest!


SP1: Franklin Roosevelt.

SP2: Goku.

SP3: I'd suggest Tite Kubo himself...

TV: Yes (but really a no), why, WE DON'T NEED GOKU IN HERE and ok. So Tite Kubo it is!

Interview with Titey Whitey Kubo

xxTite walks out with a cheesy pair of shades and does a peace sign as he takes a seat...there's no audience, the news team believes him to be insanexx

Tite: Konnichiwa puntas.

TV: o_O Two different languages? Why silly person with your Mexican Arrancars. How the hell are ya?

Tite: Trollin' as always, yourself?

TV: Strangely I need to use the bathroom...take over SP2.

SP2: Ah Mr. Tite Kubo, truly an honor. Now tell me, we have been dead for awhile now...what's going on in the Bleach universe?

Tite: First, why are you pronouncing my name "Titty Kubo"?

SP2: ....I Mr. Titty, let us know about what's going on then!

Tite: my many MIA characters, I will ignore that. Well after my Troll King was defeated promptly by Inuyasha's human form and Brad Pittn'clogs, I decided to wrap him up in sexy black electric tape and sentence him away for some several thousand years. I mean I left the manga in his control after's HIS fault he got defeated, I actually was going to write a much more extensive final battle but he just had to control it like everything else. I to make up for it, I'm starting on this new arc that people are taking quite a liking to with Brendon Frasier and your mom's boyfriend, plus there is Wonderweiss 2.0 and a white girl. As you can see, my trolling continues in the most recent chapter where I delibertely hide the identity of a certain shinigami where I will likely smack all of you with another poor waste of suspense when it turns out to be Rukia Kuchiki (who will aide Ichigo and end up being about as useful as she's ever been). Did ya notice that I'm trolling my characters too into THINKING they're getting killed by Brendon Frasier only to realize he just stabbed their boob or something (but really didn't....MIND****!!!).

SP2: ....WOW, you dasterdly devil. So it all makes sense...kind of...the jist of what's happened lately in your opinion?

Tite: I started this Fullbring thing up to get people going "whaaaaat?" but they're going with it now. I was needing to do more than just make Soul Society arc 2.0 with the Royal Guard. Of course, I'm not ruling out that I will leave that behind...unless...I troll everyone and just throw it into a movie hah hah =D Like I did you'll neeever get that in my Manga. But my fans are my fans, maybe I'll throw them a Grimmjow and Ulquiorra if they're good little boys and girls this year. I can write whatever I want into making them exist again....hell, maybe a certain shinigami might be a certain Arrancar now =O


Tite: I'm possibly trolling again so watch out. Basically, a new baddie and a new group much like the Visoreds training Ichigo into doing something. This time he's all...costumed up in his powers and I believe people think it's pretty awesome and must be wondering "where and when will we see Zangetsu and Shirosaki????" answer? When i'm done trolling, YEAH BOOOI!!

SP1: Pipe it down you loudmouthed Jap- *mouth covered and hit over the head, personality changes again* Whoa, whoa....duuude....dude, where am I? Who is this awesome looking Asian dude in the shades?!?!?!?....I need to get high.

SP0: He was annoying me....NOW LET'S WRAP THIS UP, I NEED TO GO TO BED!


SP2: Alright, that was Tite Kubo everyone...basically this week's chapter has to do with Ichigo's training in a video game world while Orihime proves both spunk and a new interesting ability, thus keeping her around to be more than just "Kurosaki-kun" banter. Then Chad gets one of those fake stabby thingies and uh....alittle bit on the mysterious shinigami but no reveal yet.

TV: I'm back and sadly, we're out of time. Actually, I'm just kind of tired so I'll finish it up on this note....Bleach is getting good, stick with it!!! SEE YA GUYS! =d

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