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TV...reviewing a soundtrack? THE HELL VERSE!

I...I don't quite know how to start this ;>_> well let's see...I remember awhile ago someone was kind enough to post a link to where you could sample these beautiful pieces of music but I can't recall who. Well, regardless I figured since it has been some time since the movie's actual has to be online somewhere. So...TV did some digging and found it...and my my...what a drastic change in tone for the Bleach universe!

In fact I would be open to the rest of the series adopting these alluring musical scores into their timeframes. Oh jeez, I sound like a stick-waving conductor guy...AWAY WITH THAT! Truly, I just wanted to express real quick that I like the immense change in tone this soundtrack's as if the fact that it takes place in Hell isn't awesome enough but the music accompanies it perfectly! I just hope the movie is just as good...

I guess I just want to hear your thoughts on the soundtrack? I'm not sure if everyone has heard it yet, if not some searching. I'm not sure if me discussing where I found it is a violation or whatnot ;>_>...

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