First time I've ever seen this image, apparently it's from a Bleach Databook recently released in Japan.

I wonder just who these blank characters are...and WHY they are blanked out specifically. I've heard that the character next to Ukitake MAY have been the previous captain of Squad 11, but that I can't necessairly confirm. I can't necessarily theorize on who ANY of these characters are...from the looks of it, there's Captains and then Vice Captains, which could mean that the character with Unohana is Seinosuke Yamada, as he was the previous VC for her. The hairstyle kind of matches but I wouldn't bet money on it exactly...

That leaves Love, Ginrei, Yoruichi, and Rōjūro with mystery Vice's.

Given the information we have thus far, that could mean the blanked out characters are little-to never shown characters...but Ginrei's blankey kind of resembles Byakuya...BUT it could very well be the character I'm listing below:

Love - Unknown canidate (appears to have facial hair, or a pointy chin...)

Ginrei - Ginjirō Shirogane (as he was a former lt, but we never see him)

Yoruichi - Unknown canidate

Rōjūro - Unknown canidate

Unohana - Seinosuke Yamada (former Lt, we've seen an image of him before)

I'm just wondering what you all think, these characters were blanked out for a reason...or at least that appears to be the case, could this mean they'll play an important role in the future, such as members of the Royal Guard? Or perhaps something deeper...

Disclaimer: I am just curious about all this, as I have not seen or heard of this image before...

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