Welcome to TV's Bleach Broadcast! Check below for your information =D Opinions of the Week are the general thoughts about this week's chapter from negative response around the communities that read Bleach! Just so ya know..


TV: No time for introductions today D- who just knocked over a chair?! GET BACK HERE YOU RAT! second please.

SP2: .....while he's taking care of that, hello one and hello all to this week's broadcast of um...what's the name?


SP2: Yes, welcome to TV's Bleach Broadcast and in today's segment we'll have TV (whenever he returns) at my side in this report, SP1 in his own little segment, SP3 with "Around the Blogs", SP0 with "Opinions of the Week" and Olly Williams with the Bleach Forecast. Yours truly, SP2, will start you off with a look at today's chapter...and what a relaxing one!

TV: *has torn up clothes* Yes...YES WHAT A RELAXING CHAPTER, but...that's not important, this is a SPECIAL REPORT! Tell them about it SP2!

SP2: Of course, how could I forget? It's a big moment in Bleach History folks, Deicide 24 is nonexistent and we have finally came to a new chapter name...and yes, The Silent Victory is NOT Deicide 24: The Silent Victory...but just, THE SILENT VICTORY! Of course there's nothing Silent about it...everyone around the globe must be leaping out of their seats. Multiple reasons on this one...

TV: Sosuke Aizen has kicked the bucket, well..he's more or less IN a bucket (a spikey one at that), the war is over, and the Deicidathon has FINALLY come to a close.

SP2: That's right, it's finally many things end this chapter. Well, where do we start?

This Week in Bleach

SP1: Well from my accute observation it appears that that mortifying individual known as Mayuri is shown in that Egyptian fashion, wearing that King Tut headdress. It appears that everything is returning to how it should be, very well...but there is a risk in this transaction. If you subtract the shinigami from the location in time, then their lives will not be forfeit and therefore spared from the misery of unknown doom that may befall them. Oh is that Isshin Kurosaki? No, I'm afraid it isn't...kind of similar, but much more hideous. Next we're introduced to Captain Unohana and the Visored, apparently that Hiyori pest is still alive...I must say I'm dissapointed by this outcome.

SP2: .....

TV: .....he's not annoying me for once...

SP2: *whisper* I know...just let him keep going...

SP1: Regardless of the fact that she just so happens to be alive, apparently if she does not will herself to live she shall depart from this world...sadly Shinji knows she would never do such a thing. After some confusion upon the term allies, Captain Byakuya and Captain Zaraki arrive from Huenco Mundo to join the rest. With their bodies damaged, they still walk as if nothing has happened to the two of them...brave men indeed. However, it appears that the Yammy fight was skipped...

TV: Figures...I guess that's going to be something for SP0 to rant on about...

SP1: Indeed. I'll let you finish up, Steven.

SP2: HEY! I'm SP2, remember? Don't say that name...

SP1: Hehehe....MUWHAHAHA, HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH! O___O YOU INSIGNIFICANT FOOL! *storms out laughing like a madman...apparently having switched how he acts, yet again*

SP2: e.e um...uh...anyhow, we're given a shot back to Yammy laying on his back in Huenco Mundo. Apparently he's lost and he is badly wounded, still missing an arm and let's not forget that grevious wound up his stomach and chest! Ouch...that really looks like that stings. Wait a second...he sturred, he alive?

TV: It appears so, wait a second...there's that little mutt he yelled at earlier on!

SP2: Oh you're right, I did wonder what happened to the poor thing...I see that it is alive and well. It seems that Yammy is still able to speak and he wonders why the stupid canine even bothered to follow him...though at this point I am unable to tell if his eyes went weight or if that is his eyelids...because the camera angle on this shot looks like it could go either way.

TV: And there's the title...I wonder if he's going to live? It would be unfortunate if he doesn't...

SP2: Maybe...not a lot of people like him, but I know you have a soft spot for the big lug. Well the dog licks his cheek just before the scene switches over to Ichigo, who is staring up at the sky after the fight with Aizen ended. Urahara gets his attention and tells him that his friends have gone on home, which kind of shocks Ichigo and prompts him to ask if Urahara erased their memories...whcih he quickly shrugs off by saying that there was no need. Ichigo grins and remarks that he'll tell them all this time, that there is no hiding what he is. Well now that's strange...

TV: What is it?

SP2: The artwork is very strange for this chapter, I mean we're used to how Kubo shows characters at a distance but he's changed the look a bit...Ichigo appears far different than he ever has from a distance now with this shot...huh, I wonder if it was just how he wanted to draw him for this chapter. He kind of looks like he's on caffene...

TV: He may be...oh look, Urahara is explaining what will happen to Aizen. Wait...WHAT?!

SP2: THE CENTRAL 46?! Well...I mean, I guess it wouldn't be too hard to believe that they would have formed within the time that passed between the fall of the Soul Society and whenever the war began, seems very likely that they would have chose some more people.

TV: Hopefully these new guys aren't as coldhearted...unless URAHARA'S THE BAD GUY AND HE'S LYING! Watch it, he's keeping Aizen for himself..AND...AND.... ;>___>

SP2: No no, enough with that crack theory you silly man. Anyways...apparently even after all that Ichigo has been through, he is making a face that seems sad for Aizen...he begins to tell Urahara his own feelings on Aizen's true intentions. So...he believes that Aizen wanted to stand on equal terms with someone else (much like Urahara) and that he just wanted to be "just another shinigami" in the end. Hm...

Orihime: Kurosaki-kun...?

TV: Wait....WHAT?!

SP2: Not her...

TV: Shut her up, NOW!!

SP2: I'm trying, I'M TRYING! She...she's not saying it again...phew. Well the friends greet Ichigo, that's always a good thing right? Well I guess this dislodges that stupid crack theory that Orihime would stay in Huenco Mundo as the queen...I wish I could laugh at the person that stated this now. Oye...she's doing the bubbleface...I had that face...and it's all friendly, happy...everyone is meeting one another! Great place for the chapter to end- Ichigo? HEY ICHIGO! He just collapsed TV, just out of nowhere...he looks like he's in agony!


SP2: I can't, the limmitations of a week between chapters is preventing me from knowing what is going on >_<

TV: GRR, time and are truly evil. Well...shoot, what a way to end a peaceful chapter...Ichigo collapsing, can you believe it?! Wow...

SP2: I know, it's certainly a rough one. Well that ends it...and-

SP0: Not yet, you've got me to say something!

Opinions of the Week

SP0: NOT THIS CRAP! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! So what, where's Grimmjow? Where's, little girl?! And Yammy, seriously?! No fight...AND NO KENSEI OR THAT OTHER CHICK?! What in the crap man...I swear to God about this, yes, you Godisme..I SWEAR TO YOU! And what a silly final fight, all of that just for him to be sent to a NOW existent Central 46?! This doesn't tie in <BEEP>, it's just plothole after plothole getting deeper and deeper...AND THEN ICHIGO COLLAPSES AT THE END?! I mean come on, throw us a BONE Kubo...jesus christ.

TV: Calm down, Zero. I know you are the combination of negative emotions for a chapter but...take a chill pill. Though I think you covered everything bad...I personally liked it and I feel like a lot of people are happy.

SP0: Not me, that's for sure...what a waste even introducing Yammy as the Cero espada. BULLCRAP, now he's left in the wastelands like he meant jack...forget him, forget everything...and NO GRIMMJOW?! I swear he and Kensei are floating around in their plothole graves right now! I'm out of here, LEAVE ME ALONE!

SP2: Yes yes um...I must admit I am a little frustrated about Grimmjow as well.

TV: Me too...I hope he arrives soon enough, well off to SP3 with Around the Blogs!

Around the Blogs

SP3: Thank you TV, well this week in the blogs has been rather difficult. It is less about Bleach this week and more about the big drama that is occuring over Wikia's decision to change the skin. They will not budge on their verdict and have ordered it to take over on November 3rd, over a month from now. But this isn't the worst problem...the entire community is in turmoil as Wiki site after wiki site transfer to new locations such as ShoutWiki and Mediawiki...currently the Bleach Wiki will wait until they've seen how the new look will effect them before making a final decision. Otherwise in the blogs, apparently this chapter marks the end of the Arrancar arc...which covers everything from Volume 21 to the chapter now, 422. Talk about Lengthy, well there are a few other ...interesting blogs to say the least. A poem contest by Morgan silve, a poem from TotalDrama, an interesting blog out of Lemursrule and then a happy birthday Rangiku post by the same guy. A blog by YTofficer in memorial to the Espada and then of course God and Lia's posts for the week, as well as Softmint's take on the chapter.

The Deicide Contest

The contest is over, the winner gets bragging rights. So who won? Deicide has ended...and the victor is..............TWO! NOODLES386 AND Pwndulqiorra! Very well done you two, your reward? bragging rights of course! Both of you may pat yourselves on the back, go to a as you wish! YOU EARNED IT! Not to mention your hand is safe from danger!

As for everyone else (even you TV):

Me, who else?













Prophet of Sanghelios

Wolf Fang





Lunar eclipse

Kyōka Suigetsu

Ofhani Rapetswane



My apologies, but thanks for playing! Be back for the next contest, when we hit another lengthy chapter set! This is SP3 signing out, back to you TV!


TV: Thanks SP3, well that's it folks...the end of Deicide and...even I lost it! >_< I'll win next game, I swear...well all of you have a nice night and remember, drive Bleach every week and by all means...DON'T GET KENSEI'D!!!!

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