SPECIAL BREAKING NEWS! Dudu-duh duuuhh...from Bleach Wikia we're proud to present the top Punisher of Televisions in the nation: bring you BLEACH news Now! Featuring TVthePunisher, Split Personality 2, Split Personality 3 and Split Personality 1 as the hated member of the news group...and Split Personality 0 as the angry member! Without further...TO DO, HEEEEEEEEEEEEEERE'S TV!

  • the dying audience from last week raises their hands to clap, before TV sends in Lt. Kira to execute all of them*

TV: Hello One, Hello All here from his bedroom in the...*trails off to show that he's hungry* uuuuh... today! I'm joined YET AGAIN by SP2 at my desk right now bringing you EXCITING DEVELOPMENTS in Bleach this week!

SP2: I can hardly stay in my seat TV, I mean's as if Kubo turned off the gravity and wants me to die, right there on the ceiling!

TV: Which is whhhyyy...I preinstalled deadly spikes for that very reason.


TV: I don't think it's spelled that way...


TV: We've established that o.o...

Olly Williams: WANT THIS DOG?!

TV: NO!...anyways...SP2, give us the story before I really do throw one of you into the spikes.

SP2: Too late, I already hotglued myself to the seat...wait a second...ah who cares, I exist within your mind it's not like I can't find an invisible gluetobutt destroyer gun. So...this week in Bleach is, without a doubt, shocking! Where to begin?

SP1 (Gangsta version 0.411): Sheeee*beep*, start with that mofo Itchygo! Playa took up the first page with those bandages...TIGHT! He's pimpin the Sho-nan look, though boy does that brotha need a trim! Then they show off his homie inside his head in full color, daaaayyyuum. But forget bout dat ya'll, move in close and let me give you a holla...CUZ *beep* bout to get REAL! So like da next page shows Carnaizen right, and he's got a big old black *beep*-

TV: Keep it clean! ...I hate to say this but...continue ~_~;

SP1: Right right, yeah well dawg ya see he's split right down the middle by that Mushoo move of his, that uh..Mugetsu, yeah! Next thing ya know, it's DECIDE 23 and Ichigo's bandages are coming off! Oh wait what...? Prompta's telling me it's DeIcide...WELL AIN'T DAT A *beep*...shouldn't even be on the 23rd one, should of ended long ago! Well, time's money and MO MONEY MO MONEY if ya know what I let's pass this on to SP2 before ya'll have an olsa.


SP2: Alright, thank you SP1 for that uh...enlightening speech.

SP1: Yea-yea, keep it real my *beep*

SP2: Thankfully TV has those picking up from where he left off, Ichigo's bandages are breaking away and from what he told us last week - that most likely means his powers are about to dissapear. Now if you ask me, that's kind of dissapointing...we get one move and while it obviously is powerful enough to probably kill any enemy Ichigo could face at this point, it's only used once and that's it...makes you wonder if him changing forms was really necessary if that's all that was going to happen..

TV: Well it actually was, otherwise it would have just been an attack and if Ichigo lost his powers because of an would make less sense. Truly, the path Kubo took was the best...he becomes Getsuga, the Zanpakuto itself is hesitant about this (and probably won't be so happy with Ichigo whenever he regains his powers, kind of like what Isshin suggested for Engetsu) and ultimately fits together by the end of all this. Anyways, continue.

SP2: Yes, that does make a bit of sense...but what's this?! Aizen is...regenerating AGAIN?! He won't stay dead, but there's something else...he's regressed!

TV: Called it.

SP2: Yes folks, he has gone back to a mixture of all three forms (with primarly the second form as the main) and looks like Aizen again. Oh no...Ichigo just lost his Zangetsu form and that means...!

TV: It's over, he has nothing left. He's just a human soul without any powers at this point...and Aizen's right there, at least with some power left. How's this going to play out...

SP2: Well it appears that Aizen is still very full of himself, he claims that Ichigo has lost and makes the apparent observation that his Zanpakuto is dissapearing...and there he goes again, off the deep end! He's lost it, these constant transformations have REALLY damaged Aizen's psyche and I thought he had returned to his calm self there for a second. He's really basking in this moment isn't he, feeling that he's superior to Ichigo after he lost his abilities! He degrades Ichigo's loss of his own powers and claims that his is the opposite, his zanpakuto dissapearing signifying that he is now much higher than Ichigo in power. Talk about arrogant..

TV: Hey look, check the next page!

SP2: Wait, what?! Something's happening...a shot of power through Aizen's chest?! Has he just been shot from behind by Kidou? doesn't appear that's the case, there's no exit or pathway from behind to suggest this is the case -

???: it finally activated.


SP3: The three of you say things so differently...*shakes his head in disgust* if you're going to yell the same thing, you might as well all say it the same.

TV: I can't help that I like to pronounce the first name,'s like honorifics, I don't use them and I certainly don't call Ichigo "Kurosaki Ichigo" or Orihime's godawful KUROSAKI-KUN

Orihime: KUROSAKI-KUN, KUROSAKI-KUN, KUROSAKI-KUN, ....kuro...saki...kun? *she suddenly has her mouth taped shut for the remainder of her future appearances in the anime*

SP2: I can't believe it, Urahara...the man we all love, Mr. Hat and Clogs himself has arrived! But...where's his hat?

Aizen: I...ate it. Since I never elaborated on the meaning of Kurosaki Ichigo's purpose in my plans, as well as whether or not I'd eventally eat hungry, I made you all think I was eating a Big Mac.

Stan: Oh my god, you killed Urry's hat, YOU BASTARD!

TV: You guys, this is a news broadcast not a debate on names and hats and...weird cravings. But I am hungry-BACK TO THE STORY!

SP2: Yes yes...uh, well Urahara arrives and explains that this kidou was hidden within another kidou that he had fired at Aizen before he had reached a complete transformation. I'm assuming this means the Kidou he shot at Aizen whenever he first appeared, the one that got Featured Picture of the Month some time ago. So he had already deduced that Aizen would be impossible to kill after fusing with the Hogyoku, so being the genius that he is...he developed a secret kidou to seal Aizen just in case, disgusing it much like how Gin disguised the fact that his blade does more than not only did he leave something in Aizen, so did Urahara. Accept this one is working =D

TV: Amazing...and look what's going on now!

SP2: Arrogant, very arrogant indeed...he assumes because his Zanpakuto is dissapearing that it means he's about to transcend to a new level. No, that isn't the case...his entire Hogyokucation is breaking off, revealing none other than the Sosuke Aizen of the past, pre-hogyoku! So it appears that the Hogyoku is rejecting him finally, having lost not his mind to it but rather his ability to utilize it's the seal has activated and will entrap Aizen.


Urahara: That "thing"...? You mean the "Spirit King"...? you saw it.

TV/SP2: What?! Thing...and Aizen has seen it? What could that....

SP2: Apparently it holds the Soul Society together, it's that lynchpin that is so important. But...the way they're talking abou the Spirit it a person...or is it an object? Perhaps something of a bestial form...

TV: I'd hate to think of it *SPOILERS SO I WON'T SHOW* in Berserk...though that would spoil a lot, I won't say much more on it. I'm sure if the Soul King looked like that, I'd call it a Thing too...and in a way, the *BLEEP* in Berserk might function the same way as the one here...

SP2: Very interesting stuff...we see a lot of insane Aizen, he's yelling at Kisuke for accepting this logic...and looks at Ichigo one last time before the final sealing is finished. WOW, what a high Octane chapter...I'm stunned, it was really amazing.

TV: That it was-

SP0: HOLD IT!!! *bursts through a wall* What the *beep*, what just happened?! Are you SERIOUS?! THAT'S IT?!?!! No Bankai?? No epic finisher?! A SEAL?! Is he even DEAD?! This is a total waste, all this buildup for that...I..I cannot begin to express how much this infuriates me. Kubo's dropped so much down the plotholes by now that it's got me into believing we'll never see Grimmjow, Ulquiorra is dust in the wind and the entire "final battle" was a complete waste of time!! UGH I HATE BLEACH NOW, I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!

TV: ...folks, let me introduce Split Personality 0. SP0, at the best that I can describe him, is the negative emotions felt by other people's opinions of the chapter. He is not personally my feelings on the matter, just like some of the negative things SP1 might say about appearance. As you can tell, the Split Personalities run in accordance. SP0 is the most impatient and the worst of the bunch, SP1 can't be serious about a single thing and has to use different accents, SP2 is our main speaker and carries some of the traits of being silly but is generally calm...while SP3 is cold, to the point and could care less about being weird. I feel more like a narrator between these guys...but as you can see, SP0 felt he needed to express the hatred felt by other people.

SP2: Why do you feel this way SP0? This isn't the FINAL, final battle...Aizen is likely to return, probably gone for close to about another 50 to a hundred chapters...and then will return as the final villain again. Of course, there's always the possibility that this is the end and he'll die because of this seal. We'll just have to see where it plays out from here...but otherwise, I enjoyed the battles...yes the transformations were often and very random, it was made to feel like a Final Fantasy villain but in the end, but also as a trick. Of course, to all of us we already knew he was going to continue more chapters after..but to the average reader who doesn't pay attention to those things, he made it seem like this was the end. Very clever Kubo, where do you go from here I wonder?

TV: Yes, where indeed...

SP0: IF AIZEN AIN'T THE MAIN VILLAIN, I DON'T KNOW WHO CAN BE! Maybe Kubo can draw himself as the final baddie...but what I'm really infuriated about is the lack of time spent with the Getsuga form. All it does is release Mugestu and that's it, he's done. And it's the same way with Aizen, we get a little time with each form and the least with his final form...and that's it! What is with Kubo and barely doing anything with these forms...will they return? I don't know, maybe?! Maybe Ichigo will regain his powers and train to control Final Getsuga so he can keep his Shinigami powers after a second use...who knows. And finally, Kisuke gets the final blow?! What a crock...main character weakened him sure, but still...cheaaap...I'm out of here, these are the opinions of other people formed into one body.

TV: Thank you SP0..well he is right on one thing, maybe Ichigo will train the form so he can use it again later without worrying about the drawbacks. I mean why introduce something so amazing if it gets one use and is gone forever? Well, let's not forget SP3 with the "Around the Blogs" segment. Oh, but before that...what's on the Horizons for Bleach Olly?


TV: Thanks to SP3.

SP3: Thank you, different thoughts floating around this week especially since the events of the previous week. But not a whole lot of blogs...we had a couple from Soulreaper, one regarding his take on the chapter and then another about the dimensions that Aizen was talking about but a majority of thoughts were kept within comments. This week so far we've had God and Lia's blogs out, both getting a hefty amount of attention a piece (which is good) and I even predict that yours will probably get at least 2 comments this week TV.

TV: Hm? Oh, yay o.o any comments are welcome when it comes to TV!

SP3: Yes, well sad to say that yet another person has lost the game in CJett's far Noodles386 has lost on one of HER numbers but no worries yet, surely she's in line for a victory next week. Based on the events this week, it's likely that Noodles may win. Who else might have a possible chance? Pwndulqiorra but he's got a risky chance, at least his hand isn't heading for that pot of boiling water just yet. He has a 23 to 32 gap to get it right and judging by this chapter, he may be right with his first number. Hopefully it's not 24 for the sake of Noodles, though two others would win if that was the case. God's prediction is not too far out there...well, maybe it is. Who knows, but this has been SP3...good night everyone.

TV: Thank you SP3, well that wraps up today's broadcast everyone. 3rd to exist, how about that 4th ya'll! Until then, this is TVthePunisher and I have no catchy phrase to say this time!

That was lengthy! And I have a fly buzzing around me ~_~ I don't really have final thoughts this time, just deduce what you will on what I said in the broadcast and there's my views on it. GOODNIGHT AND HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME *corny thumbs up* =D comments are looovved. Oh and in non-Bleach news, I'm working my way on that Berserk Wiki ;>_> been pretty active on making those pages so yeah...weeee....

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