This chapter felt like filler, aside from the first page and last page. I just got back into Naruto, I might as well check out the chapter of the week for them...*grumbles*

I love Bleach, I really do...but I know what's going to happen without having to go into much detail about it: they're going to skip the Shirogetsu fight just like they did with Ichigo's Bankai training. They show you part of it, then the rest just sort of "happened" offscreen and we'll see Ichigo show up at the last minute to save every character in RKT that has anything worth of Reitsu (next chapter will probably be his sisters, then more running). Unless they expand on this last interesting development however...

The final page caught my interest as Gin re-arrives after his playtime with Rangiku yet the two are acting more uneasy around each other than normal. Is this what I've been waiting for, at last....considering it was the final page, will they grant my wish of Gin's betrayel?! I expect some confrontation...probably no action and more of the "backups" running away...a page or two about Ichigo and a majority of time hopefully spent between Aizen and Gin. I'd like the next chapter to start off showing each of their faces...bits and pieces of words....and then the two facing each other like a true confrontation (then the chapter title rolls in).

"Gin..." "Yes...Captain Aizen?"

And then fill in the rest from there.

Chapter rating? I'm giving it a 3 out of 5 because it entertained me with the backup characters, then Mr. Afro shows up only to prove what I thought he would...nothing. The spoilers made this chapter sound more exciting ;>_>...

Comment, whatever, the chapter is only showing me that Kubo better pick up his game here soon because this felt tacked on as if it was the anime making a filler episode...

Note: The reason I mention Naruto is because at least something is probably going on there, I haven't read the chapter yet but from the ones I have appears the other Manga series are at least progressing a bit.

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