Well this week has been very eventful. First it was E3 for me while keeping up with all the big reveals from the companies, so far I wasn't overly surprised...until I found out later that Ocarina of Time is getting ported to 3DS as a remake! That just blew my mind and all the other N64 remakes, not to mention the new RE game on there has RE5 GRAPHICS in their cutscenes...yowza. But this is about Bleach, not video games...

So I waited for the chapter to arrive, like many of you...left some excitement from the previous chapter on what exactly was going to happen...and I called it. Zero fighting! (unless you count the multiple punches to Keigo's face). I was wrong however about Aizen maybe killing a few folks, it appears he was condensed to 2 pages (his shoe was in one of them!) simply talking about the scenary. It kind of scared me whenever I saw the bottom panel after what he said, I thought he attacked Gin! Though that was just Ichigo's shoulder...

Anyone else have their thoughts on what he said last as being dangerous on Gin's part or just simply something he said before he decided to attack the city? I have a feeling it could go eitherway, saying that before attacking the city means describing the area in a complete state...before he turns it into a giant crater.

And then to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, about time Kubo introduced it! There's always got to be a place that doesn't fit in with the time of the real world, so strongly that 1 hour here could be OVER 9000 there! Of course, that's not the case...apparently just under 3 months can be considered an hour for Ichigo to train himself on releasing the full potential of Zangetsu. Now the entire chapter hints towards this meaning specifically on Getsuga Tenshou and I don't want to go all speculation in this, but is it possible that the sword could change even more drastically than just releasing a new attack? I'm talking...a THIRD release (Genkai, lol)...okay, that's getting too crackish now...Bankai is Final Release and to go past Final, would be kinda stretching it...

Regardless I laughed for the first part of the chapter..

"Why did you dodge?!" "Are you crazy?! It'd hurt if I didn't!!"

and of course Ichigo's attempt at understanding half the things Isshin said...=D overall I did enjoy this chapter, it faithfully stuck to the main issue without any cutaways to other characters not involved at this time. At least it condensed a majority of the waiting around to just this chapter and we'll jump right into the fun next chapter!

My predictions: Considering everything, I expect an appearance by Hollow Ichigo...and the chapter will probably focus on Ichigo's conflict with him...perhaps trying to also get some control over that power he used on Ulquoirra. There is probably going to be more Keigo fun, perhaps Aizen will finally do something...and then the Aizen Games will begin with all the Chibi-Aizens showing up to stomp on the already defeated good guys! (I kid, this isn't all ;>_>)

I give it 4.5 Om Noms out of 5, content was great and left us craving more. There was progression in the story as well as more explaination on how the world works...

Final Words: PROPS TO WHOEVER CALLED IT! Decide went up to 10 =D you go dude/dudette, anyone see the Decide series continuing to 11 or maybe a new chapter name (finally)?

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