Who am I kidding, it's not special! It's bipolar! I see a floating O with a line over it...WAIT THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BLEACH!

SP2: TV doesn't know what he's talking about, you see he has delved his mind into a series about a serial killer who is also not in Bleach. And if it's not Bleach, then it's not here!

TV: What?! Also The Walking Dead...

SP3: Basically, what TV means is that he's become the other administrator of the Dexter Wiki and has spent a lot of his..."wiki-ing" over there, fixing up pages and adding others that didn't exist. As for the Walking Dead, that just so happens to be on the same night just after he finishes watching Dexter on Showtime. In addition to this, he's employed now so...a lot of his time is spent at work or relaxing after a long day.

TV: Then what is this, this empty news room with cameras that never were turned on in the first place...

SP0: We're inside your MIND, you #$@F@#!

TV: Thanks for the symbols, Barret.

Barret: No problem, motha #!#%a!

Ichigo: CAN YOU JUST GET TO ME ALREADY!? You're worse than Kon!


TV: ENOUGH! Hello one and Hello all, this is TV's Bleach Forecast/Watercooler/Extravaganza/I like bagels. Last time me and the news team reported on the end of the Deicide chapters, having ended a contest that awarded no actual prizes where a bet was placed on WHEN said chapters would come to an end. Me, myself, and myself's many personalities plus Me again went on a Wiki-Frenzy after this point...gravitating between multiple Wikis until I became the administrator (and a bureaucrat on another) of the Dexter Wiki...where I've spent a lot of my time. As fate has had it, God appeared before me with an answer to some template issues...and suggested I try a blog again here. So here I am...writing...saying things, possibly entertaining if not slightly annoying you.

SP1: Which is why we're going to report on Bleach now, SO SHUT IT. The end of Deicide was not the end of Bleach it appears, Ichigo has returned to the life of a simple teenager and a year has passed. Ichigo's long hair? Gone. Orihime's ballistic missiles? Possibly larger. Chad's importance? Even lesser than before! Kubo has trolled the Bleach world for the longest while and sealed up his favorite pansy into a dark, dark place for some 20 thousand years (probably less, but it's still a really long time). With Aizen in the dark, where could the story go from there? By introducing a new, myserious and completely unnamed character to the roster! He's got a mullet...he's got some Aizen features but also reminds TV of Renji a tad bit...yet his motives are mysterious and even furtheremore beyond the comprehension of mortal man and his faithful sidekick...the dog, it appears milfs have appeared in the story! But that's unimportant, rather this "Jack" (I like that name for a unknown character...fine, call him Jaquez or Jackaramaru if you want to go multicultural) has taken an interest in the very character we all know and love...ISSHIN KUROSAKI. Here, let me link you to that...Look right here, because I'm posting something long and pointless to cover up the actual link leading to a page.

TV: That seems less informative than usual, you skipped a great deal of detail...why?

SP1: Because there's like no action? Oh I forgot, Ichigo and Ishida kick some local thugs butts...which is nothing new for those two, I mean Ichigo might as well be a not-so-foul mouthed Yusuke Urameshi (sp, because I'm too lazy to look it up).


TV: Oh, that's right...Kubo made that trollface. It's pretty epic, I like the design...and how the characters broke the fourth wall with that one a little bit. Anyways, what else is there in Bleach news? How about the Wiki ya'll, looks pretty nice even passed the official change. And I must say I have gotten used to how things look's also very interesting to make edits as just a not-so-signed in person because things look a LOT different (and you can go into infoboxes, editing them like fields in a form!).

SP1: Eh...hehe....hehehe....HAH! SOOOOOOUULLLLLA!

TV: ....

SP2: ...what?


TV: So...we're um...all kind of uh...stuck in a pickle I guess. Not sure if I'll be doing weekly blogs or frequent blogs, depends on if you guys miss me that badly =P nah I'm not playing a sympathy game. Anyways, when the action starts kicking up I'll return to the style I had going (unless this one is enjoyable) with my weekly blogs beforehand.

Take care and write your own blogs! Remember, don't drink and drive your car into a police won't end well.

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