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  • random audience cheering, then promptly shot for even existing*

TV: Hello One, Hello All here from his bedroom in the light today! I'm joined (unfortunately) by SP2 at my desk right now bringing you the hottest Bleach news of the month!

SP2: Might want to make that YEAR, TV! Wow has it been an exciting Deicideathon for the past few months, it's almost as if it's led up this very moment...

TV: Really...*sarcasm* I would have NEVER GUESSED!

SP2: Well of course you wouldn't, you're the main body and you don't think for yourself! So we're finally on the big 4-2-0 and I must be high if we're getting something this amazing. So where do we start off? Ichigo Kurosaki shows himself saying exactly what we heard on the last page of the previous chapter, which is okay because with these weekly releases I'd be a bit confused myself...

TV: Hah-hah! Not least Bleach isn't like Berserk with their awkard and unorganized releases...BACK TO YOUR STORY!

SP2: Ahem, we see him about to show Final Getsuga Tensho, following with Carnaizen aparently showing a face of...shock? With this new look, it's sometimes hard to tell...unless his eyes are extremely wide and he's yelling...regardless, from that point we get the long-awaited flashback that you yourself, TV, predicted would occur.

TV: Yes, I remember something like that...I compared it to the Bankai training...they'd show the start of the training originally, move on to the fight afterwards...then show flashbacks to it over the course of a chapter or so. Some felt they'd just skip it all together, but for something like this...we needed a flashback.

SP2: Right you are and it provides us more insight into the character of Tensa Zangetsu or just merely, Zangetsu. I am uncertain if the personality traits for Hollow Ichigo are present in this combination character, but he sure shows to have a massive amount of power that Ichigo could hardly withstand! Yet...despite this, we see tears and learn they are for Ichigo...his desire to protect something that Ichigo did not...was Ichigo himself! And when we finally return to the playing field, Final Getsuga is finally revealed! Despite Carnaizen left in awe, Ichigo reveals that when he uses Final Getsuga, he in fact becomes Getsuga! This could mean a number of opportunities for the powers and abilities this form contains.

TV: So what does it look like...this "Getsuga"?

SP1: Like a garsh-darned Hippie! Dat boy's hair is so long you that after tiein' it into some of them pigtails, he could use em as whips! He musn' dyed his hair with some of that black stuff that's floatin about! Lessen not forget tha fact that he's tied up nice and pretty with a bunch of a bandages like that there Griffith in Baserk! And last but not least...down yander his clothes have become like that weirdo Hollow version of himself.


SP1: Well EXCUUUSE ME, boy...sorry for raidin on your parade, get back to yer broadcast! By the way I'm not southern...I'M MULTICULTURED! MUWAHAHA! I'LL RETURN AGAIN, JUST LIKE ZEEE FRENCH! Ooo-ho-hooo-hoooo...ze evil French laaaughtur...

TV: ...I swear...anyways, SP2...continue your story.

SP2: Ummm....with SP1's description at hand, that's pretty much the sum of it how he looks...but thankfully the chapter didn't end there. In fact, Ichigo explains the meaning of "Final" in FGT. If he happens to call upon this technique, all of his Shinigami powers will have been lost and this leads me to believe that several members of this site are correct! I can't recall who supported the theory on Final Getsuga removing your shinigami powers entirely, but anyone who supported the thought that after Ichigo uses it, he'll lose all his powers happens to be correct! CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE!

TV: Yes, pat yourselves on the back and keep reading.

SP2: Indeed...let's see what Carnaizen thinks?

"I still don't feel can't be. By evolving in a different dimension from shinigami, as a two-dimensional being can never intefere with with a three-dimensional one, as long as I do not purposefully lower my level and allow inteference, neither humans nor shinigami should be able to feel my Reiatsu. Impossible...IMPOSSIBLE! He is...are you telling me...he is standing in an even higher dimension?"

TV: Interesting stuff-


TV: Hey quiet down! SP2, continue your work...

SP2: like Venom or Carnage just now. Godisme is a genius! So um...let's see. I'm trying to process this information and from what I can see...obviously Ichigo's reiatsu is still not capable of being sensed...apparently Carnaizen can't believe that Ichigo was able to evolve and still not show any reiatsu...which means he's INSANELY powerful at this point. Well let's see...after this Ichigo starts to form what appears to be the blade of Zangetsu in his right hand (after it's extended outwards) and uses a new technique, called Mugetsu. So far the details of what this technique is capable of is shaky...but if the large blackness has anything to do with's either an extremely powerful offensive technique or he's surrounded them in blackness. I would bank on the former...

TV: Wow, what an exciting chapter. I'm loving McDonald's, but better! So to Huenco Mundo NOW?? =P

SP2: I honestly don't think so, at this rate Deicide is bound to end on 23 or go to Huenco Mundo now would be absolutely silly...regardless, this is Split Personality 2...signing out!

TV: Thank you SP2, sadly Olly Williams cannot be here today to give us the Bleach repeated use of him would be rather cliche! He may return if our viewers desire his return, but until then...on to Split Personality 3 with a little segment called "Around the Blogs".

SP3: Thank you, well looking around the blogs there has been a lot of different views this week. From curiosity of Ichigo having constant-release Bankai and unable to seal it, to characters fighting mirrored personalities of one's been an active week and surely we're glad to see people getting into the blog network. As usual, you can expect to see both Lia Schiffer's and Godisme's blogs within today and tommorow. Now onto CJett's contest...

Another sad day as someone else has lost the bet, UsoppSpel has lost the match with Deicide 22 being revealed today. Sorry friend, maybe next time...

So have we anyone betting on Deicide 22? Yes we do, in fact he has several ideas...Noodles386 has chosen 22, 23 and 25 as possibilities. Shall he win this week...or the week after the week after next!? We shall see...this is SP3, signing out.

TV: Thank you SP3...well there you have it folks, the end of the SECOND broadcast and we'll be coming again next week to bring you more on Bleach! This is TVthePunisher with Blog Posts, COMING AT YOU!

PHEW!! That was fun again =D Well guys let's take a look with final notes...

Final Notes - Well today I'd say I'm a fairly happy person, after spending my entire week playing Final Fantasy XII and reading through Berserk...I've been awaiting this chapter like mad and I completely avoided the spoilers! Oh if you haven't checked out Berserk, do it now! I'm reading it over at Mangakong and Bleach.exile (depending on if Mangakong has the chapters out of order, like they did for Volume 8)...and I'm going to start contributing to that Wiki as I can (not with blog posts, but enhancing their information as some of their pages are...the size of mere stubs and even their main character pages are...eehhh..).

So the chapter...what can I say? 5 stars, amazing...we see the flashback I've been waiting for and the Final Getsuga Tensho is BEAUTIFUL. I don't have too much to say aside from how much Aizen looks like Carnage made over...again, credit to God for that observation. I'm actually quite hungry, so I'm going to leave this buy saying: I loved the chapter and I hope next week, either Aizen dies or something else amazing happens.

OH WAIT! I can't forget, apparently at some point someone much older than Ichigo is set to arrive! When though? Will this be after Aizen's death whenever Ichigo and friends are living their lives as humans again in Karakura town? I'm still wondering if we're officially in the next arc...I'm still thinking it will begin after Aizen's dead. ENJOY THE BROADCAST FOLKS AND I LOVE THE COMMENTS, THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT LAST WEEK!

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