Gosh I've been debating this with myself since I read the chapter: what quirky title can I come up with this time? Last time was a serious review, I think I'll lighten up and pursue something a bit different today...first off, my title options I had until I decided on the current..oh wait, Unbeatable Banzuke is on...gotta watch it and then I'll return! Okay Commercial break, I swear that Unbeatable Banzuke is one of old Aizen's (as I now refer to him) hypnosis techniques...sure Banzai 90 is easy enough but that Super Rider III is a killer!


"Your Butterflaizen is evolving! Wait...again?!"

"He's Frieza now but in the wrong order!"

"Hey, now he has 6 extra mouths to yap on with..."

"Is that the thing from Resident Evil 2?! Aizen = Birkin?!"

"...another Transformation??? What next, your mom?" < - Might be too offensive

"Hogyoku = G-Virus...his final evolution will be a blob!"

"Aizen's new transformation is Hentai-ready!"

"The Transgender God Complex"

and finally...

"Great, now I've got to find out who called 'another transformation'.."

Hello one, Hello All. TVthePunisher here from his bedroom in the darkness! I'm bringing you the action news RIGHT NOW! So what do we have here today, split personality #2?

SP2: Well TV, I'd say we're looking at YET another transformation for Sir Aizen the Haxxer. After an endearing slash from Kurosaki Ichigo-


SP2: S-sorry! I meant after an endearing slash from ICHIGO Kurosaki, Aizen was shown to actually be visually injured for the first time in a while. Blood mind you! But suddenly, Aizen showed us yet again that his Butterflaizen form has given him emotions as he clearly turned racist against humans out here! Then that so called Teardrop we've been looking at since Aizenfly evolved into Butterflaizen actually turned out to be an...eyeball? It was quite a sight to behold...LOL AT THE PUN!

TV: Shut it.

SP2: Uhh...anyhoo, after what appears to be a violent transformation...Butterflaizen evolved yet again into what my Pokedex is reading as a HollowflAizen. Yes, that's right...he has hit the 4th Evolutionary stage of Pokemon! Might I say it has a very interesting appearance...his face is now reminiscent of Hollow Ichigo's face in his transformed state, but more of a black mask with Harribel eyelashes and of course that third eye. Ontop of that it appears that Aizen's face has ACTUALLY split down the middle and if you observe closely in the detailed image report (Manga for you regular people)...the sides of his face can be seen next to the mask. Is this Aizen's TRUE face hidden beneath the smexiness then I'd say ladies don't want that shocker in bed. Regardless of that fact, he now dones what appears to be...giant eyeballs on his wings, count them 6 Hollow-mask heads attached to tentacles and multiple tails spewing from the back of his body (or they could be attached to the wings themselves).

TV: Wow...the image I'm looking at reminds me of a cooler looking version of William Birkin's 3rd transformation that resembled a demonic Archangel...

SP1: Whooooie, that sur is one ugly mofo!

TV: Go away. Now, back to SP2 on the scene:

SP2: Thank you TV. Well it appears that HollowflAizen is not completely in control of the Hogyoku as he so appears to be transforming his body on it's own accord now, much like the G-Virus in Resident Evil 2 did to Birkin. Yes these Resident Evil references are only involved to illustrate my claim...regardless, he also is following the Frieza route at a more...disturbing level. Frieza started out a Midget (Aizen's original form), then went Giant in his 2nd form which would equal Aizen's Butterflaizen form. Then Frieza entered a monsterous 3rd form, which is what Aizen is currently in...and his final form (minus the 100% which is basically beefed up Frieza) was the most calm, perfect looking...much like Aizen's second form after Chrysalis. As you can see it's in a very awkard order...but has the same principles to a degree.

Now, the powers and abilities of this new form obviously amount to what appears to be RATHER powerful ceros that even synged Ichigo's left arm as well as cause massive destruction in one hit to the surrounding area. Aizen believing he had the upperhand, litterly used said hand to grab Ichigo by the throat and create what appears to be a Cero Halo around Ichigo. My only assumption is that this Cero Halo would multiple the damage of one Cero by 6 and be centered soley in the area around Ichigo, thus crushing him in a powerful attack. Of course, this is thrwarted as Aizen continues his boasting that he will kill Ichigo and that he apparently is of no use to him anymore. Ichigo cuts himself free, degrades Aizen once more like he did in the last chapter and prepares to use the Final Getsuga Tensho.

TV: At Last, the FGT. Cue Huenco Mundo?

SP2: I hope not...but regardless, that's the jist of it. This is Split Personality 2 signing out.

TV: Thank you SP2, now to Olly Williams with the Bleach Forecast, Olly?


TV: Thank you Olly. And finally, to SP3 with mention to other blog posts!

SP3: Hmph...yes, as you all know CJett92 created a blog post about which Deicide Chapter would be the last. Everyone so far has placed their numbers and sadly, one of them has lost already. I must regret to say that user Me, Who Else?'s prediction for Deicide ending on 20 was laid to rest today with the release of Deicide 21: The Transcendent God Rock. You will be remembered and of course you get your mention in today's special. Better luck next time, when we hit another 20+ chapter-name streak (most likely the next Turn Back the Pendelum Arc).

Next up is UsoppSpel claiming this to be the last Deicide. Will he win or lose? That is the question. Good luck UsoppSpel and this is SP3 signing out.

TV: Thank you SP3. Well there you have it folks, the end of our first Broadcast in this format and hopefully we can continue doing it like this for awhile (provided it hits =P). Goodnight everyone, this is TVthePunisher with Blog Posts COMING AT YOU!

So yeah...there we go! I'm trying to settle with a proper format for how I'll write these things, hopefully this one gets a bit of attention ;>_> I'm no whore for it, but ya know...that's what ya get when you let your heart win...whooo-ooo-oh...nevermind.

Final Notes - In a seperate section, I'll break off at the end of the report to tell you my thoughts in general. I liked this chapter, I really did. I think Aizen's transformations constantly happening are a bit...iffy, but this form is actually kind of cool. Though it appears that the FGT will end Aizen once and for all...I'm hoping one of two things happen:

1.) Aizen reverts back to his Shinigami state because the Hogyoku is destroyed, thus leading to a showdown between Shinigamis.

2.) The Hogyoku reacts violently, Aizen dies off and the Hogyoku becomes the new Antagonist.

If this device truly has a will of its own, then I doubt that this is the end of it. It's been a crucial element since the start of the series...a prime focus, even if Aizen perishes it will still be around (or maybe not). Whether or not it uses someone else or becomes its own being is up to debate at this point...

I predict for next chapter that FGT will be used and Aizen either reaches death or has something else occur. If it's another transformation, I'm going to be kind of ticked off.

Comments are welcome folks, I love it when you say stuff! =D

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