But I must admit, I got a let down...I was kinda hoping "The Reunion" would be the chapter name after it was said...;>_> then again, nothing really "Deiciding" has happened I expect 15...16...17...maybe up to 20?

Nice, very nice. Kanoji's point? I already knew he was going to be useless when I heard he was in 411, now his little dramatic hero talk is just repeated cliche after cliche that I've heard a thousand times in other stories. So...he makes an "attack" and Rangiku prevents his death, in some way (yay).

Gin lovers rejoice! To a degree...I was hoping for his side of the story whenever Rangiku asked him his motivation for following Aizen...but instead he cuts her off short, wounds her (I doubt she's dead, there's still character development and come on...Kubo hasn't killed any goodies yet, why start with Giku when we're at such a crucial point? No cliffhanger death on my watch pal!) and jumps off a building. Though it did show his attitude...perhaps he was wounding her to keep her out of the way so Aizen wouldn't demand her death, in fact he did kind of interrupt Aizen to talk about her...

The way I see it, what Gin did probably saved her. He knew she wouldn't last two seconds against Aizen, so he talked him into letting him take care of Rangiku himself...thus he took her to a far away location to knock her out (through a heavy wound) and prevent her from interferring (and getting herself killed). This could mean though that Gin's motives are different than Aizen's, to the point that his loyalty to Rangiku wouldn't let him kill her...and maybe he wants to see just how far Aizen can go (kinda like Ryuk to Light) before making a decision of his own. I expect betrayel, as much as any other Gin fan...and I hope it's to the degree that Gin survives afterwards...

I hope they don't pull a "Gin was undercover this whole time!" thing, because I swear...that would be a cheap move on Kubo's part ._. he's ultimately forgiven, cause he was meant to do all those things undercover! Which means Aizen would have been suspsected by someone ahead of time for Gin to even be put undercover...AND there ends that speculative theory (I don't want to get Salubri'd). Nah, I'm not even going to put any support into popped into my head and is no more than an afterthought.

Regardless, a great chapter but no Ichigo until the end? Hopefully this means the next chapter is specifically meant to holster him. Oh and Asano using someone else's Zanpakuto? WTF? Lol, we'll see where THAT goes (I swear to all that's mighty, if Keigo kills Aizen I'm going to flip...the least likely, most impossibly likely, DOWNRIGHT IRRATIONAL choice of a character to kill the main baddie...I'd walk away thinking this was a PARODY of Bleach and not the actual thing).

Good goings, glad Mangastream got it up today =D woo woo!

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