It appears each and every one of us was led on by the fact that "The End" was in the previous title, so I was kind of expecting..."Resolve 1" or something like that ;>__>...nooo, I get "Deicide 19" again. But who cares about chapter names? Wait...I better take that back.......hmmm no! NEVER!

Here I am, I'm actually..lawling. Yes, I have to show my wife Ichigo's new look, I'll know she'll love that. But why am I in the laughyness? Aizen's trying to talk more...and more...and more...then SHUTYOFACE with the FACEPALM and I was pleasantly rewarded this week! "Wha.......T?!" ;>_> okay...I'm game, but "damage from brute force?!...ew, his hand is sweaty!". I'd be angry too Aizen, 3 months without any soap and he's a teenage boy...hmmmm...then again his Daddy was there so that would have been a little f'd up.

To get to the actual chapter, I didn'd really have an idea of where things were going...I expected some talking, took onto the idea that maybe someone would attack the other really fast at the end of the chapter...KINDA right, then kinda not...Afro-sama-chan-san-dingdong got DISSED YO, and that's so not white of elaborate...Ichigo made him a little frustrated so it's good to see some comedy away from Kanoji (who looked surprisingly serious for the chapter). Uh we get Tatsuki, Keigo...Ichigo's looking all calm and collective, I'm loving it. I wonder if his human body will stay the older Ichigo isn't a problem, then again I don't agree with the way manga/anime depicts 15 year olds...they look like people in their early 20's, not as young as they say they are!

I feel like I'm straying off...and I hate going DBZ here, but Ichigo is reminding me of Goku whenever he arrives to kick some person's ass and save the day. He's calm, powerful, fast...did the whole "sense" thing like he had mastered it somewhere and he's really coming off as Goku right now...and I'm a-okay with that! I love it, I don't care if people think it's cliche...I'm just happy to see Ichigo being...ICHIGO, Resolve man...RESOLVE! Like a drug, just sexier and more likely to kick plot-changing punks in the nads.

Gin Ichimaru, kind of wish there was a comedy section with him one of these know if he DID live through this ordeal and somehow Kubo magically writes all his crimes off as being "oopsies", I imagine him making a comment on Rangiku's ballistics and first she'll slap him, then smile and be glad that he's alright. Tears still...but hey, the girl's upset...and I want to see Gin being good as much as any other fan. LOGICALLY?! Probably not, but who said Kubo is logical? ;>_> The next main antagonist could be Hello Kitty and I'd buy it, as long as she uses Genkai and fires her laser at the Spirit King.

But regardless, the man is alive by my standards...I'm not sure if he should still be considered deceased, because he was commenting on Ichigo in his mind and realized his eyes were ya know...strong. It's your guys call on this one, I don't know if he's technically breathing at this point but he did say something...and had SOME movement...

Anything else? Well, I can say that I'm hoping Deicide stands for Aizen's death again because if Ichigo can pull this off I'll be rooting him on the entire way. Also, I've grown tired of acting melodramatic over these uh...past few chapters, I feel a bit better talking like this.

Comments are welcome, keep it "clean" because I'm not a maid (nor do I have one) and if you break one thing in my house, I will burn it down. Thank you.

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