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    Oh we go.

    Here, in the firey pits of the Underworld, we sit here today at molten desks speaking out of skulls attached to bones to report not one, not two but...jeez, too many chapters! How can we do it all SP2?!

    SP2: You know you didn't even introduce the segment...

    TV: Well I uh, I was going to get to

    SP1: You youngians and your confounded newstellercasting on this dagblasted computing machine. Why I outta...

    Bleach: GETSUGATENSHOU! *much of the surrounding area is destroyed, leaving these newscasters wondering just what the hell is going on*


    Ichigo: I'm Ichigo Kurosaki, or...Kurosaki Ichigo, depends on how you want to say it!

    TV: Then why were you credited as "Bleach" just now?!

    Ichigo: HOW A…

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  • TVthePunisher

    I...I don't quite know how to start this ;>_> well let's see...I remember awhile ago someone was kind enough to post a link to where you could sample these beautiful pieces of music but I can't recall who. Well, regardless I figured since it has been some time since the movie's actual has to be online somewhere. So...TV did some digging and found it...and my my...what a drastic change in tone for the Bleach universe!

    In fact I would be open to the rest of the series adopting these alluring musical scores into their timeframes. Oh jeez, I sound like a stick-waving conductor guy...AWAY WITH THAT! Truly, I just wanted to express real quick that I like the immense change in tone this soundtrack's as if the fact that…

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  • TVthePunisher

    From imaginary worlds beyond your comprehension, to a blackeye I just got from my 1 year old...THIS IS TV'S NEWS SEGMENT CALLED...................ANYWAYS, LET'S GET ON WITH THE SHOW!

    TV: Hello one, hello all and Welcome to another edition of News in the BLEACH UNIVERSE! Ya know...I've noticed something, we're really not all that informative...

    SP2: Maybe if we talked about murders, child abductions and the economy you might get something to the people...

    TV: SILENCE! This is fantasy...who gives a hoot about the real world?

    SP3: I'm afraid people who are currently suffering tragic deaths every day, living in less-than appropriate living conditions with little to no money to spend and thus are forced to read Manga Online by default due to a lac…

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  • TVthePunisher

    Who am I kidding, it's not special! It's bipolar! I see a floating O with a line over it...WAIT THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BLEACH!

    SP2: TV doesn't know what he's talking about, you see he has delved his mind into a series about a serial killer who is also not in Bleach. And if it's not Bleach, then it's not here!

    TV: What?! Also The Walking Dead...

    SP3: Basically, what TV means is that he's become the other administrator of the Dexter Wiki and has spent a lot of his..."wiki-ing" over there, fixing up pages and adding others that didn't exist. As for the Walking Dead, that just so happens to be on the same night just after he finishes watching Dexter on Showtime. In addition to this, he's employed now so...a lot of his time is spent at …

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  • TVthePunisher

    Welcome to TV's Bleach Broadcast! Check below for your information =D Opinions of the Week are the general thoughts about this week's chapter from negative response around the communities that read Bleach! Just so ya know..

    TV: No time for introductions today D- who just knocked over a chair?! GET BACK HERE YOU RAT! second please.

    SP2: .....while he's taking care of that, hello one and hello all to this week's broadcast of um...what's the name?


    SP2: Yes, welcome to TV's Bleach Broadcast and in today's segment we'll have TV (whenever he returns) at my side in this report, SP1 in his own little segment, SP3 with "Around the Blogs", SP0 with "Opinions of the We…

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