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  • Superchunky from Denver

    All of Ichigo's friends have gained new powers, except Orihime. She has however learned to use them faster and with better effect. What I would like to see is her ability to erase something from exitance. She could even for instance "heal" an arrancar's mask, turning them back into a normal hollow/menos. What are the potential of each of her ability's:


    Santen Kesshun- Is a defensive ability that rejects an event from happening, like being hit by a cero. It, in effect can prevent any event from happening. It should be able to stop anything her will is strong enough to stop, no matter how powerful. Becuase she rejected it as an event, the power of the attack shouldn't matter (although it always breaks in the manga). I can't think of anything…

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  • Superchunky from Denver

    When Aizen stated that there were limits to the powers a shinigami could obtain, I believe he was referring to his potential "army". Even though he could have easily turned many in the soul society, and create an opposing force consisting entirely of shinigami. The force would never have been a match to his current/past espada.

    As arrogant as he was, he would never imply that he had limits, or wasn't strong enough. I don't believe that this in itself was a reference to him gaining/having hollow powers. Instead it was about the growth potential of hollows. He could never gain that many captain level shinigami, that quickly. Plus the complete freedom of Heuco Meundo in which to work and experimant on hollows. Any thoughts?

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