Alight guys!!

Welcome back to our Podcasts and Answers!! I've stopped uploading the videos here as people don't seem to watch them here and prefer YouTube which is fine completely!!

This week we have Unohana Questions of our Answers side of things and his week we discuss Soul Flatulence, no joke, seriously being up at 2am/3am all time will do this to a sick woman!! Sal also discusses some funny things he has seen as well!!

You can find Episode 10 (double digits babay!!) HERE!! You know you want to!!

We also uploaded the Podcast earlier in the week for people on the channel!! We discuss the psychology of Jugram as a character and some of the fights we have seen in this arc of Bleach!! This Podcast is for Chapter 634 NOT 635 which has been recorded (some how given I slept) hopefully here this weekend but yes!!

You can find the latest Podcast from earlier in the week HERE!!

Thanks to all who keep following us on our outside ventures on the Wiki!!

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Also Follow us on Twitter too as we always update and try to run little fun games!!

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