Well that chapter did not disappoint!! Finally, something that Aizen does not understand and cannot comprehend!! Although I am concerned about the idea of Ichigo "parting with his Reiatsu", surely that would mean a limit on the time he could remain in this form!! However, Ichigo always has lots of stock of Reiatsu at his beck and call!!

Still, this is really interesting, it's more than just a growth in his abilities to control his Bankai, because well his Reiatsu just vanished!! Ichigo's power is immense, he was able to dispell such a large Hado spell without even trying!! They BETTER show that fight he had with the combined Hollow/Zangetsu in the Anime as a filler arc!! They have so much to work on and they don't have to worry about over powering him, look at him now!! Before, he wasn't able to touch Aizen before he entered the cocoon state and now, he's able to literally cast him aside without even so much as a by your leave!!

Aizen is proving to become much more arrogant as the story progresses, it should prove interesting since, we have never seen him truly shocked before!! I just hope this doesn't turn into an illusion folly!! Because we have seen Aizen's illusions look shocked or worried but never him!!

Well I thought it was an awesome chapter!!

Comments welcome!!

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