Heylo One and All!!

Ok before we get started, if you haven't checked out our Latest Podcast for Chapter 643 then by all means DO SO!!

Now moving on, I don't know how many of you have become aware of it but we have started a new series on the channel called Bleach Wikia Tips. Essentially I will try to identify any problems some users have with identifying policies or obeying them and uploading videos to try and show people how to correctly do this moving forward.

I had two videos recorded from two years ago (time passes way too fast when you're OLD) so redubbed over those and uploaded them to the main channel. The plan is to do more for a variety different things on the policies and on how to make sure you are obeying policies going forward.

The Series SO FAR:

  • Episode 1 - Uploading an Image With Correct Fair Use Rationale
  • Episode 2 - Placing Images Into Articles Correctly

Is there anything you personally want to see from the series as a whole? Anything you are struggling with or think New Editors struggle with most?

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If you would rather contact us privately our e-mails are


as we know it's not always easy admitting in public where and what you need help with.

Kind Regard

-Sun, you friendly local Fog of Darkness.

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