Hey guys and lovers!!

So very sorry for the delay in this, it is completely my fault!! I went to my first Convention over the weekend and as we all know I am a physically incapacitated person, I sort of feel like I ruined peoples days but my friends were really supportive!!

But I Cosplayed as Sailor Jupiter and it was very fun I will not deny it!! Although, I am a shy person (you can so tell this apparently) so being approached and being asked for my picture by strangers I kept looking behind me and not realizing they meant me!! There were lots of Sailor Mars and Sailor Moons and I think I saw one Mercury but I was the only Jupiter I felt awesome and then tired all at once!!

There were loads of Ichigos, I was staring at one and he was like looking oddly at me and when discovered I was a fan he played the "I'm a bigger fan" game and I was like "Dude if you only knew how much of my free time goes on Bleach" but yeah it was fun!!

Also, why does it smell at conventions why do people ignore the rules of deodorant and not wearing the same clothes three days in a row, I know its a costume but but wash it!! Seriously, I fainted at one point so my friend bought me soda and we couldn't open it, was a Japanese soda that had a glass ball stuck in the lid!!

Anyway I feel like an elephant is sitting on me days later but it was an experience!! Here's the Chapter Podcast!!

Bleach Wikia Podcast - Chapter 631 Review55:04

Bleach Wikia Podcast - Chapter 631 Review

Also, we were thinking of doing Bloopers like gathering funny bits and other bits we have to crop out and stuff!! If any of you have any ideas it would be welcome!!

If you haven't already go on Subscribe and Like our Facebook and Follow us on Twitter!! We honestly do all this for you guys and for more fun!!

Love you always,

-Sunny Jupiter

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