Hey guys, Editors, Wikians of all ages!!

So this week has been one of mishap after mishap especially for me!! Went to the farm yesterday and forgot my purse!! Collapsed on the stairs on Friday!! And thats just the last few days!! Anyway, THEN we were recording the podcast late last night only to have the recorder BUG OUT and not record it!! So we decided to have a quick short second Podcast so we could get it done but it stopped being short when someone new arrived!!

Bleach Wikia Podcast - Chapter 622 Review01:24:05

Bleach Wikia Podcast - Chapter 622 Review

So enjoy this latest Podcast!! Tell us what you think of possible answers to silly questions videos!!

As always, please remember to visit our FaceBook Page and our Twitter Page and, as always, our YouTube Channel and tell us what you think!!


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