Hey guys

I'm sorry if this seems a little late. I had a packed out Friday that completely tired me out and included babysitting the little dumplings. I was pretty much half asleep at parts, my apologies for this. I basically got told to go to bed at end of the recording.

I promptly did this, curled up beside my snoring nephew, who was playing Playstation beside me whilst recording, who I also had to fix when he passed out asleep. Not two minutes after I got told to go to bed, I was promptly awoken to discover my beloved nephew had a bug, a bad bug. Along with his younger sister, we had had KFC for dinner after swimming. His chicken strips and gravy ended up all over my hair, my pillows, my 3DS (I could have cried) and of course, my brand new bedsheets. I carried him into the bathroom and then proceeded to try and clean what I could and change the sheets and put uh protection under him. Brought a basin with bleach and disinfectant to bed and was woke up all night with him being sick and other things (mostly in the basin but sometimes not). So, needless to say my bed sheets were changed more than once more and I was hoovering dried chicken for hours. So I tried to nap after bringing him home and it didn't really work out but here it is, the new podcast, recorded during a lethargic happier time.

Bleach Wikia Podcast - Chapter 620 Review55:17

Bleach Wikia Podcast - Chapter 620 Review

Hope you guys enjoyed that. Until next time!!


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