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Bleach Wikia Podcast - Chapter 616 Review

SunXia February 22, 2015 User blog:SunXia

Hi Editors and Listeners

We have a new Podcast here for you, Chapter 616!! Schiffy was unfortunately absent this week but we still have a full house!! Also, I may be slightly embarrassing during this Podcast and I apologize to anyone my drinking offends I spent a long day at the hospital without eating and then had to go out with colleagues where shots were involved yesterday was a long day for me!!

I was trying to use a new program as well but it didn't work out so there is a mild blip in the middle but I've cut out the mistakes that I didn't find funny!! Xilly dies mid call I didn't think cutting that out would help as when he comes back when discuss his Fatality!!

Bleach Wikia Podcast - Chapter 616 Review51:35

Bleach Wikia Podcast - Chapter 616 Review

Chapter 616 Podcast

So hope you guys enjoyed that!!


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