Hi Guys, Editors, Fans, Shinigami of all Ages

I have an exciting Announcement to make in regard to Bleach Wikia's growing network for its users. Last year we created our YouTube Channel (yes shameless plug) in order to begin interacting more with the community and have some fun with our Opinions on Tite Kubo's story of Bleach.


Bleach Wikia Facebook!!

I would like to reveal our new Bleach Wikia Community Page on Facebook. We have noticed a recent trend in discussion and more interaction within certain topics so we decided this is the natural way forward since we have a Twitter we have a Tumblr and now a YouTube Channel. The page will contain update regarding our Podcasts and our Blogs and updates here on the Wiki.

Of course the page is only new and fledgling but I (we) invite you all to head over to the Bleach Wikia Facebook Page and Give it a like, Follow us on Twitter if you don't already, Subscribe on YouTube for great updates.

Of course, if any of you have any ideas on how we can make this experience more fun for you let us know the kinds of things you enjoy and we can see (within reason) what we can do!!

Thanks for reading this update!!


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