Hello Fellow Editors and Users of Bleach Wiki!!

We put this on Xilinoc's blog as well but it was a bit after the initial influx of Chapter discussion began so I wanted to sort of make an official blog for it to see how you guys respond or if you have any ideas!!

For a while I've been wanting us to make these kind of reviews and Podcasts to discuss Bleach!! When you consider that we basically all contribute to THE biggest database on the Web about Bleach, it is only natural that we have a lot to say whenever a Chapter is released and such!!

A bunch of us hang out in a group on Skype discussing the fun things we like about Bleach and some of the things we dislike about it!! Sometimes there are debates and many times there are giggles!! We also discuss what plans we have for the Wiki and other things but those things you get to see already as things evolve!!

So we decided to share some of that with you, some of what makes us laugh or what makes us angry!! Here is the result!! This is the first time we ever spoke to one another verbally so I think it turned out quite well and we want to do more of these in the future!!

Bleach Chapter 600 Review - Bleach Wiki31:31

Bleach Chapter 600 Review - Bleach Wiki

We want to go back and maybe do reviews of old Arcs, since doing over 600 chapters then 366 episodes would take forever and a day!!

I would personally also like to do a podcast comparing the Anime's take on certain Arcs with the Manga and what we think was done well and what wasn't!!

If anyone has any ideas as well of what we could do that would be amazing!!

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!! We already have people, a small group yes, watching it but we had a blast!!

Thanks for reading!!


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