Bleach Wiki Podcast, Chapter 601

Hello again fellow editors and users, welcome back to our Podcast Blog!!

As I am sure you are aware, the Chapter has not has been released, we know this and we are not claiming to have foresight on this matter, we are not insane!! Although this would not be the first time someone claimed that if we were making that claim!! However, as this is still the initial trial period, we are still trying to establish a format and sometimes ideas do not occur to us until we get into the recording so things can be haphazard!! Who are we kidding, it will probably be haphazard anyway but that's where the fun comes in and that's what this is about!!

We have decided to try and have a two episode format per week, essentially a Preview that is filled with predictions and other stuff and then a Review filled with answers and everything else we decide to add!!

The initial idea for this was get a bit of community involvement before the release of the Chapters, ask for opinions and predictions on what people expect to see and what people want to see!! So it's a Predictions Podcast or a Preview Podcast whatever you prefer. But when we got into it, Schiffy and Xilinoc were able to incorporate some of the things they had only recently learned from the Raws and accurate translations that have only just been released compared to the highly inaccurate initial releases. So we got a bit sidetracked with that, which is fine. Perhaps in the future that can be worked into an official format, discussing the newer releases of the information before discussing predictions on the next chapter because the Raws can help alter our perceptions of the Chapter so ts a good thing to look over!!

We also address the idea of reviewing some of the Past Chapters/Episodes and maybe having a poll on this matter and basically came up with some options:

  1. Reviewing certain Arcs in their entirety in a single Podcast
  2. Reviewing the seasons of the anime in a podcast for each season.
  3. Reviewing each Volume that has been released in a podcast for each of them.
  4. Reviewing a set block of episodes maybe 5-10 at a time.

But we would love some feedback on this. We could also review events and battles as they happened as well, we don't want to be too static. Should we start from Episode 1 or Episode 366, things like that we would love Feedback on.

Chapter 601 Preview

Bleach Chapter 601 Pre-review - Bleach Wiki57:04

Bleach Chapter 601 Pre-review - Bleach Wiki

(The start of the Podcst was cut off by a couple of seconds but it's nothing major)

Thanks for taking the time to listen to our discussion. Please give us some questions that you would like answered by the team on our next Podcast for Chapter 601, the actual review. Also if there's any requests like, would you like a Podcast solely as an introduction so you can learn a bit about us? We could have some Podcasts with games and trivia with one another too.

We will be taking ideas from this Blog and from anything we see on our YouTube channel too. Nice to have you join us again!! Check back here later in the week for our Review of Chapter 601 and anything else that we may decide to add!!



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