OK for a start I am not Jack the Ripper!!

Or maybe I am, I left Ireland for Spain how very dare I relax and have a holiday!! I just hope they don't find Xilinoc's body where I stashed it out there!!

Seriously though we have a double event this week!! And last week, on the YouTube channel!!

As I stated I was away over in a foreign country so for Episode 13 Xil and Future took over before I murdered them for their insolence!! The audio is a bit awkward but you can understand it all!!

Episode 13 of our Answers Series Can be Found HERE!! Hope you enjoy it even if it lacks the feminine touch!!

I returned from Spain to take over the reins again only to find that Future and Xil had survived my murderous rampages a lá From Hell, Depp helped them escape!! They provided the questions this week only relegating me to the role of production behind the scenes!!

Episode 14 of our Answers Series Can be Found HERE!! Basque in the return of your Sun, no longer Xia but SunTanned!!

So there you have it, the Double Event of Sun the Ripper, I mean, Sun the Tanned!! Enjo and share among yourselves!!



Honestly I try to update stuff regularly!!

Love, Sun

P.S. The year anniversary for our YouTube channel and our Podcast services is coming up. I'm so happy the guys have stuck with it for fun and that people enjoy giving feedback. Does ANYONE have ideas on how we could celebrate our first year of silliness and fun??

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