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    Cha Cha Boom!!

    I know I've been lax in updating the videos on the Wiki, manly because found that people seem to prefer the YouTube videos!!

    For All of the Chapter Reviews you can check out our Playlist Here!!

    ANYWAY so we obviously have a new Podcast out this week!! And its exciting we have a guest user who could possibly continue joining us again, Naruto 45!!

    Watch The Podcast for Chapter 645 HERE!!

    Enjoy and share and even subscribe if you like it!!

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    Thanks guys!!


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  • SunXia

    Bleach Wikia Tips Series

    September 19, 2015 by SunXia

    Heylo One and All!!

    Ok before we get started, if you haven't checked out our Latest Podcast for Chapter 643 then by all means DO SO!!

    Now moving on, I don't know how many of you have become aware of it but we have started a new series on the channel called Bleach Wikia Tips. Essentially I will try to identify any problems some users have with identifying policies or obeying them and uploading videos to try and show people how to correctly do this moving forward.

    I had two videos recorded from two years ago (time passes way too fast when you're OLD) so redubbed over those and uploaded them to the main channel. The plan is to do more for a variety different things on the policies and on how to make sure you are obeying policies going forward.


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  • SunXia

    OK for a start I am not Jack the Ripper!!

    Or maybe I am, I left Ireland for Spain how very dare I relax and have a holiday!! I just hope they don't find Xilinoc's body where I stashed it out there!!

    Seriously though we have a double event this week!! And last week, on the YouTube channel!!

    As I stated I was away over in a foreign country so for Episode 13 Xil and Future took over before I murdered them for their insolence!! The audio is a bit awkward but you can understand it all!!

    Episode 13 of our Answers Series Can be Found HERE!! Hope you enjoy it even if it lacks the feminine touch!!

    I returned from Spain to take over the reins again only to find that Future and Xil had survived my murderous rampages a lá From Hell, Depp helped them escape!…

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    Alight guys!!

    Welcome back to our Podcasts and Answers!! I've stopped uploading the videos here as people don't seem to watch them here and prefer YouTube which is fine completely!!

    This week we have Unohana Questions of our Answers side of things and his week we discuss Soul Flatulence, no joke, seriously being up at 2am/3am all time will do this to a sick woman!! Sal also discusses some funny things he has seen as well!!

    You can find Episode 10 (double digits babay!!) HERE!! You know you want to!!

    We also uploaded the Podcast earlier in the week for people on the channel!! We discuss the psychology of Jugram as a character and some of the fights we have seen in this arc of Bleach!! This Podcast is for Chapter 634 NOT 635 which has been recor…

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  • SunXia

    Hey guys!!

    Alright so our latest Answer episode is now available to listen to!!


    Here is our Podcast for Chapter 633 for those who missed it!!

    Don't forget to subscribe, Like our Facebook page and Follow us on Twitter!!

    Our Podcasts is all available HERE and our Answers episodes are all available HERE!!

    Enjoy one and all!!


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