• Stark373
    Was Ulquiorra the most powerfull of them?

    I wonder about this because of his "Resurrección Segunda Etapa", I mean he was so powerfull not even Ichigo was able to beat him, his inner hollow had to beat the hell out of him. I think that he might be the most powerfull of them all, but he got killed by that awsome hollow. Who do you think could defeated Ulquiorra if it wouldn´t been Ichigo´s hollow? Do you think he was the most powerfull?

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  • Stark373

    Starrl Rulez!!!

    September 23, 2009 by Stark373

    In my personal opinio starrk is the coolest and strongest espada and he will not die at least until he get to see shunsui¨s bankai and I think it must be hell of bankai ¨cause his shikai is damn cool so his bankai must be even coolest!!

    The Carefree Combatant vs. The Lone Wolf: Captain Shunsui Kyōraku vs Coyote Starrk for me is going to be a good fight

    hope some satrrk and shunsui survive or at least give hell of a battle!!!

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