There's not a Bleach chapter for a while, so to kill some time how about a little bit of fun? If the Bleach characters were in the Olympics, what sports and events would they be in? Who is the Usain Bolt, the Nadia Comaneci, the Michael Phelps, the Sally Pearson, the Bradley Wiggins, the ... well you get the idea.

Maybe its ability, maybe personality, maybe body type/build. There are some obvious ones, like Ishida (any Quincy really) for archery and Soifon, Yoruichi for the 100m dash (you wouldnt even be able to see them running!). But what good matches can you get out of it? List of characters here. List of Summer Olympic events at here, but you can include winter Olympics too if theres a good one you find.

Some of mine here to get you started, what can you guys come up with?

  • Hallibel: Swimming
  • Grimmjow: boxing, wrestling, maybe shooting (his darts?)
  • Baraggan: horseriding, since hes the closest thing to a posh/upper-class Espada
  • Pow: Water polo (has to be the goal keeper, if there is one?)
  • Charlotte: gymnastics (seems best fit!)
  • Ayon: 10000meters or 50km walk since hes so hard to stop
  • Yamamoto : Decathlon (the great all rounder)
  • Soifon : Javelin (just attach it to her bankai)
  • Kensei and Ikkaku: boxing
  • Choijiro : Fencing
  • Entire 11th Squad: Hockey
  • Senna: gymnastics
  • Kugo Ginjo: Weightlifting
  • Tatsuki : Judo
  • Chad: Shot putt

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