I know he's still alive but Episode 271 really made the impact that this is Ulqi's farewell. Okay so here it goes.

Internet was down for almost 5 hours. I just watched this episode and, whoa! I cried and wailed at the moment Ichigo died. I really can't figure out how that happened in such a minute or so. Then, Orihime, as usual, "KUROSAKI-KUN!!!!" and connected it with "YAMETE!!!". Okay, So, Ishida appeared and shot thousands of arrows to Ulquiorra, which I thought was really stupid. Ulquiorra did broke his arm big time (am I right?).

So, Orihime thinking "What should I do?!" for over 10 times, as if she is going insane. Then, Ichigo resurrected as Hollow Ichigo making Ulqi dumbfounded. He shot Cero Oscuras again, but Hollow Ichigo fired his own Cero,then, KABOOM!!!!! Las Noches is nowhere to be found.

Then, Ulqi shot another C.O., but the same thing happened. No choice left but to release his Lanza del Relámpago. First throw, missed. Second, used for defense, and when he was about to shot it, Hollow Ichigo crushed it. Then, SLASH!!! and another cero. Bye Bye, Ulqi... T_T

I can't wait for next week...

I am still crying. Geez, I just wished Kubo didn't kill Ulqi. He was a great Espada.

R.I.P. Ulquiorra Cifer T_T

PART 2--------------

Crazy brother. Singing "Change" while I was crying...

So, there's the filler of Renji, Sado, and Rukia's battle with Rudobon. So, White Lotus, Brazo Derecho del Gigante, then, Hikotsu Taiho. Nice combo, but didn't go well. Then, Rukia, froze the Rudobon, then, big fat Yammy showed up "YAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!".

Back to Ichigo and Ulqi, he fired the damned cero. Grr! NNNOOOOOOOO!!!!

Ishida came then, warned Ichigo and told him he will no longer be human. But then, Ichigo pierced his zanpakuto to Uryuu. How nice of him. Now, Inoue thought it's her fault. blah blah blah. Okay, then we are back to the "KUROSAKI-KUN" thingy. Three times (at least unlike before). Thanks to Ulqi (Oh God HE'S STILL ALIVE!!!) Strawberry regained consciousness. He looked around, saw Inoue, Ishida, then, Ulqi. Like in the manga, he wanted the fair battle, so he wants his arm and leg to be cut off too, but...

Crying was the only thing that I could do. T_T



The Heart T_T

Again, I need to say this.

R.I.P. Ulquiorra Cifer (Schiffer) T_T

Really, I'm missing him, do you? T_T

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