• Soulslayer1992

    Oh my. It seemes like forever.

    I just want to express how much I missed posting here on Bleach Wiki.

    I missed everyone. Lia-san, Tinni-san, Salubri-san, Lemusrule, Godisme, and many others.

    I will still visit from time to time. But since I got into college, I had to stop my obsession to BLEACH to concentrate on my studies. And I'm not as updated as before. But I'm SO grateful that Bleach Wiki is still alive and well, and it's helping me to know what I had missed.

    Anyway, I just dropped by to say hi, and I MISS ALL OF YOU, BLEACH Fans! T.T

    Hugs and Kisses,

    Soul :)

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  • Soulslayer1992

    Anyway, warn me if I need to cancel this blog immediately.

    So, here it goes. I find it very surprising to see a Bankai in a form of a teenager. Does anyone ever bother about it?

    To tell you the truth, I'm happy to see TZ. He's cooler, he's handsome♥♥...but why would Kubo make him look like a teenager? Or Let's say a kid?

    ---For me, I was really, REALLY thinking that he would be like that since Ichigo have not mastered his Bankai yet (ya'know, Final GT). In other words, Ichigo is still "immature". Also, after reading the blog and comments of Darknesslover5000, I also think that Ichigo, being dependent on Hichigo, may be a the reason why TZ looks younger than Old Man Zangetsu ( I wish we could see him again. Miss him. )

    Ok, so that's it. Leave C…

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  • Soulslayer1992

    I know he's still alive but Episode 271 really made the impact that this is Ulqi's farewell. Okay so here it goes.

    Internet was down for almost 5 hours. I just watched this episode and, whoa! I cried and wailed at the moment Ichigo died. I really can't figure out how that happened in such a minute or so. Then, Orihime, as usual, "KUROSAKI-KUN!!!!" and connected it with "YAMETE!!!". Okay, So, Ishida appeared and shot thousands of arrows to Ulquiorra, which I thought was really stupid. Ulquiorra did broke his arm big time (am I right?).

    So, Orihime thinking "What should I do?!" for over 10 times, as if she is going insane. Then, Ichigo resurrected as Hollow Ichigo making Ulqi dumbfounded. He shot Cero Oscuras again, but Hollow Ichigo fired his…

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