Before next week showdown I really wanted to know why this two being so label as Overpowered. They are Bleach main Hero and Villain the Good Guy and the Bad Guy. I am baffled, why do this two characters in Bleach being criticized so much they are overpowered, inconsistent, and sometimes liars by all means. For me personally Ichigo was one of my heroes something to look upon to. He goes down beaten today yet he rised again the next day. Aizen even though I hate this guy but his source of stories, facts and figures somehow are reliable and to further understand what Bleach was about I always read the End of Sypnosis & Turn Back The Pendulums Chapters for reference even more so when Edge of Silence comes out one issue after another issue are being answered and yet there were always someone (other Bleach characters) who seems trying to shut him out.

Now seems all the pieces been put together, we may now understand how the wonderkid Ichigo may just be the only one who can withstand Aizen powered Hogyoku.

Anyway back to my question above I need some reason (many would be good too) why the hell this 2 characters being label as such. Appreciate for any comments in advance. Bleach Rocks!!!

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