Soul Reaper wearing Black Kimono - Rukia Kuchiki

Taicho - Head Captain of Soul Society - does not exist in the beginning

Characters First - Story Plot then

Wish to Buy Bleach Clothes, But Cannot find it in Stores

Ichigo - considerate and thoughtful - strength and weakness too

Bleach into a love story - no way

Yoruichi and Rangiku - they just do not care what people think of them

Chad - Mexican heritage - unintentional

Quincies in White Clothing - Uryu Ishida

Quincies arrows are for long range combats and has a 5 points cross

Soul Reaper sword are for short range combats

Kon a fake three dimensional flat face stuffed animal cheap and thrown away

Ichigo's dad Isshin would always be a Soul Reaper - there will be back story

Battle Scenes - Bored - Joke - Fun

Bleach - Few more story lines to be tell - will go on for a while

Bleach - Believe in your talent - Enjoy what you have created

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