I already put this in a forum a while ago, anyway here goes it in the blog, just wants to knows what you guys think. Already got 2 response saying it as stupid and crazy; stupid - if he is constant release bankai then he would not able to goes back to shikai anymore and, crazy - that would mean Ichigo in bankai for about 3 months and this would be crazily exhausting.

Is it in any ways doing a constant release was accidental and coincidentally or would it be talent, capabilities and or skills?

We know that if he isnt in bankai we would see his normal shikai and his normal shihakusho. When episode 288 was out it gives us chance to review about Ichigo's bankai, that his shihakusho was part of his bankai. This he explained that when Orihime heals him with Sotten Kossun, she heals his wound first then his reiatsu, and because he was desperate to save Rukia (only, manga), Chad and Renji (anime) from Yammy, his reiatsu was only half restored and the half restored shihakusho was the indication as to how much his reiatsu was when he explained it to Captain Unohana.

Few ideas, especially for Aizen if he is interested though, destroy Ichigo's shihakusho and the new gloves it may destroy Ichigo's vast reiatsu, although like Aizen said there isnt any reiatsu left in Ichigo. Plus kills Ichigo, T-rex Hollow will then appears so dont tries to kills him.

Then now he is in his Final Form Bankai and we are all eagerly anticipating his Final Getsuga Tenshou.

Maybe for any shinigami who would want to achieve great shikai and bankai, they should do it like Kenpachi and Ichigo, do the constant release and you would be a legendary shinigami after all.

PS no matter how hard those anime guys tried to sensored the goring violence they still had in no way prevented Kenpachi butchering a few Yammy's fingers and foots.

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