Aizen welcomes Urahara onto the battlefield.

Urahara mentions that its been a long time since last they met and takes note of the extraordinary form Aizen has taken.

Aizen states that its nothing as midway through "evolution" is always ugly.

Urahara clarifies that no one has said he is ugly, its just that he has finally fused with the Hōgyoku.

Aizen explains that it isn't fusion and asked that the word "subdue" be used.

He then states that the Hōgyoku, Urahara failed to master has found a new master.

Urahara glares down at Aizen and remarks that it's true he was unable to master it, if Aizen is referring to the past.

Aizen questions his statement asking him if he's gonna admit defeat. He then retracts the question making note that it shouldn't be the question. (copied pasted this from Bleach wiki 402. Deicide4)

What do you think people is it fusion or is it subdue - which one of them is right - Aizen or Urahara.

For me I am going with Urahara's fusion because he held that Hogyoku for 100 years, Aizen only had it for a few months.

I got a feeling that Aizen being PUNKED by Urahara all this time - for redemption and for revenge. Hope that handcuffs will support Urahara's claims (it is really hard not to speculates OoO sorry Mr/MsAdmin in advance)

Urahara's Bakodou or Kido techniques is really something, well maybe he did perfected this all when in Earth - I really got no Ideas - can someone enlightened me with this one - but that guy is awesome - Ichigo's very lucky to have him as his Mentor or something like that (can someone argues about this too) - can you imagine what is his bankai like... phew

What happen to Isshin and Gin though they are still awestruck... I just thought of all the people who should be there FKTA... Yoruichi-San should be consider late because she will always be there no matter what happens... especially I got a strong feelings she is Urahara-San's girlfriend or something IRDKW (they have been friends since childhood)...

Anyway my main point is this fusion or subdue matter will lead us to the next journey of Bleach 403 and so on and so on... hope anyone stop by here and start to write / comment / anything

(Oh yeah as for speculation - please do not do it here - just argue on the Urahara's FUSION and / or Aizen's SUBDUE matter )

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