Well chapter 406 is out already... it went out normally late I guess... whats that all about?

Rangiku running and Kira is crying over her not to because she has been barely healed. Really am not that fan of the Rangiku-Gin dwellings so I will not delve deeper here, let the fans of this realm comment further on this one.

Then Ichigo were seen exhausted by Gin who tells him he is weak and should run away, well this could led to further lashing and more bashing towards Ichigo and more admirers for Gin, that is what I see here I am a big fan of Ichigo but this was as expected of him because he lacks experience at best, he is just a kid anyway how can a 16 year old boy fight wit for wit against a 100 year old (or more) soul who have experience enough from combats and battles, strength apart maybe comparable... really I do not know how to respond to this one... I am exhausted of defending Ichigo all the time come on!!!

Back to those 4 people, seems up until now, Aizen's crack when first dealt blows by Yoruichi seems to have healed, so the Hogyoku has indeed heal him, but when we analysed the way that Urahara, Yoruichi trying to attack Aizen, it is obvious they are trying to creates an opening for Isshin to strike the final blow, well take this Aizen... and he thinks and talks too much while being attacked by Yoruichi... and then

GETSUGA TENSHOU to the face (and body)... end of chapter406... GOOOOOAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!!

I was like hell take that Mr God Wannabe!!! Hope he is wounded enough... then like Urahara stated before it can not end so easily like this though can it...

Anyway I would like to criticised the other shinigami, why on earth such as SoiFon, Kommamura, Shinji, Kyoraku, Hitsugaya, Love, Rose, the other Vizards (where on earth is Kensei Murugama LOL) and what most fans are claiming (and so to in past chapter) Yamamoto who is suppose to be the strongest of all Soul Society were teared, slash and injured easily by Aizen in the first place, and he is not fully fused or subdued with the hogyoku at that point... let alone all the Lieutenants combine, they are all weak at using their own brains and this proves to me that even if their strength is comparable against the likes of Yoruichi, Urahara and more importantly Isshin, they have never have fully used their ability that critical thinking or the tactical ways of fighting, anyone can argues about this the facts remains the facts that the fallen warriors are not up to standard... I understand that they did annihilate most of the Espada and it Fraccion and some would argues they energy were exhausted, excuses, excuses, and more excuses...

This comment by me may incurs wrath but are welcome here to state your defense of the fallen warriors not dead but are currently injured or incapable to join the current battle. And I am really disappointed with Shinji Hirako where Sakanade started with so much promise 1 slashed he is out of the picture, he is supposed to pay Aizen what he did for them back then.

This chapter are all about the revelation of Isshin Kurosaki's Zanpakutou, I got to say Aizen don't looks good after being Getsuga Tenshou to the face... well anybody got anything against this ps stake your claims (I swear I could just hear invincible crying out loud victory by all who just hated this guy Aizen not that he is a good villain not that but this have taken us too long already)

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