Hey Story Teller please do not just die, just not yet...

110 years ago - Aizen did not know a thing about Zero Squad and the King - not until after being told about it by Captain Kyoraku - he may have made extensive research about them - and maybe he found out about Isshin and all things about the Kurosaki family and of course his extraordinary son Ichigo and that they are somehow connected to the Royal family and the Zero Squad, he may also have planned things that happens to the Vizards and to Urahara - banning them to the real world (when Central 46 capture Urahara and Tessai and being given their criminal punishment as that time we assume that Aizen has already gains control of the Room when he explain to Shinji that the person who always follows him is not Aizen himself) - the true motives is to find and locate Isshin Kurosaki - that the Hogyoku and the King's Key is not the real motives it is Isshin Kurosaki after all. Why Kirio Hikifune being promoted - there must be some reason - I predict Isshin Kurosaki was in fact the Captain of Zero Squad who banishes to the real world - whether in exiles or he was handed a highly special mission by the Soul King at that time that is why all the current captain including the Vizards (ex-captain) from 110 years ago does not recognised Isshin Kurosaki or the name Kurosaki - maybe only the Captain Commander knows something about Isshin but he still keeps that a secrets - thus open for discussion/agreement/arguments etc.

Gin and Aizen are the only villains left in the plot/arc - their days in the chapter are being numbered - it is obvious - how can they defeat Isshin and Ichigo - and I am predicting that Isshin's power would be comparable to the Captain Commander Yammamoto - he is even teasing Aizen playing with him - and there is that Hollow Ichigo thing - typically Kubo the Man likes to lead Ichigo the hero winning gloriously/badly/whatever in one whole campaign always winning when it matters... additionaly Ichigo have not only a Shinigami (Shikai + Zangetsu + Bankai) power - he has Hollow power (1st + 2nd + 3rd release) - and Human power too (has not been revealed or have not been explained yet - e.g. Ishida Uryu (Quincy power) and so too Chad (Right Arm) and Inoue (Satten Kessun), and that their powers were awaken by the sudden rise of Ichigo's Shinigami power as was explained by Yoruichi before they were going to save Rukia in the first Arc.

Anyway what is the real knowledge that Aizen hold except that he knows Ichigo (a Shinigami and a Human) and his family ordeals, and so he obviously knows about Isshin and so to his mother Masaki, and what does Ryuken Ishida knows about Isshin Kurosaki (when Isshin visits Ryuken) what is their deal/relationship vice versa, plus what about Urahara why he is still keeping mum about Isshin Kurosaki (when having conversation with Urahara after killing the hollow Grand Fisher) and the thing about Ichigo's power as he told about it to Yoruichi (at that time when she trained him to gain Bankai power).

Currently Gin Ichimaru Versus Ichigo Kurosaki - my prediction - Ichigo will be in trouble but will be save by Matsumoto Rangiku (she will delivers the final blow to Gin - maybe she have Bankai too - whatever).

Then Aizen Sousuke versus Isshin & Ichigo Kurosaki - my prediction - Isshin and Ichigo (when trying to save his father) will be in trouble and will be save by Hollow Ichigo... then

What about the Zero Squad - can you anybody tells about the Soul King - and I was hoping there will be some (big) involvement from Hell i.e. Gates of Hell - does it it means 'gates' there is many gate to Hell - and the one swallowing the Shrieker when Ichigo defeated him is just only one of them...

There is so many possibility... so what are yours?Soulreaper1234 09:28, April 14, 2010 (UTC)

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