I saw Japan nearly got onto the QF in the WC, and notice Ichigo was playing UPFRONT wearing number 18!!!

Yes number 18, I just tot it sud be 1 and 5, only the name change to some vehicle name.

Okay then...

1. it easy to say when Isshin and Masaki conceived him then the CREATURE was born yes creature and that creature is Ichigo.

2. Well by action yeas I mean yeas by action Urahara seems the ONE who made him be!!!

3. Well in the beginning there was no captains and only Rukia and her crapping about soul society then she is KIDNAPPED by two SHINIGAMI no taken back coz she commits some offense well plots after plots after plots again and again then BOOM BOOM BANG this man arrived Aizen Sosuke claims HE WHO MADE HIM so bow

Anyway who created ShinigamIchigoHollow? And back your reason with all them reference be it chapter and pages numberings and or episodes.

Thanks with ease with some comments.

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