With the World Cup finish and Spain crowned champions (congratulation Spaniards throughout...) now we can concentrate fully on Bleach

So I dont know if this will get some attention but anyway here goes...

Aizen fusion with the hogyoku... OR

Ichigo in his Inner World seeing Tensa Zangetsu fusing with White Ichigo then helps him to perfecting his Final GT?

Which one of this two will be the perfect beings?

To be honest I am hating the ideas that Aizen says that Ichigo was indeed his experiment, from the End of Sypnosis towards The Bite and Edge of Silence Chapters, Aizen actually Kubo pisses me off really. Aizen really miscounted Urahara's contribution towards Ichigo's development, without Urahara's damn intervention there will not be Ichigo the Substitute Shinigami. For now I am just waiting to see when will Kubo slam shut Aizen's face like Ichigo landing the Final Getsuga Tenshou and say TAKE THAT you damn bastard (sorry 4 the language).

I am going easily with Ichigo, because he is still a human being and alive, whilst Aizen's body spirit only contained Shinigami's body spirit and the hogyoku fueled power. I dont know how this formula works but I see Human Ichigo + Shinigami Ichigo (and Tensa Zangetsu) + Hollow Ichigo = Ichigo Kurosaki whilst Sosuke Aizen = Shinigami Aizen + Hogyoku... so I dont know how the mathematical equation this is would be view by all of you...

Other pointers would be Vizards Contribution towards Ichigo's supressing his inner hollow, that question of why would they want to help him in the first place ie recruit him as Vizards.

Even the Captains ie like when Byakuya criticizing Cpt Kurotsuchi for seemingly pinning hope on Ichigo's defeating Aizen and so does too Unohana's own perception towards Ichigo's power that she was really implying that the Gotei 13 only hopes was indeed Ichigo who havent been in the influence of Kyoka Suigetsu. And just maybe what Kenpachi was saying to Ichigo when fighting Nnoitra, only he can protect Karakura Town or maybe others view this differently...

Also his father Isshin seems very well aware enough with Ichigo's own power, that maybe he was saying in such other words only maybe Ichigo understood the power of Aizen fusing with the hogyoku, and thus by helping him to perfect his Final GT without hesitation Ichigo or they both may stand bigger chance protecting Karakura Town and its people and thus finally defeat Aizen.

Hopefully this time around my point can be easily understood by any one who read this blogs.

PS Comments are all appreciated in here but then please refrain yourself from cracking any theories, and also respect others opinion you can argues but please also try not degrading others statement using vulgar words in here and with that thank you in advance.

Bleach Rocks BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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