Whether its the translator doing from Japanese to English, every week Kubo seems to have amazed me to the level of awesomeness of his choice of words. One example is His fashion sense, but dont wanna get into it. No chapter 418 (and still Deicide) which by far the best there among the best of Bleach, and now what word is that now AGGLUTINATION (biology) I mean how the hell one such as Kubo thought words like this. Then there's the use of Latin to describe those Band of Aizen's Espada. How about Deicide the title of the current chapter. They are also Subdues versus Fuses wording. Anyway just notice Kubo's trend of using such highly intelligence linguistic word, maybe he is one genius creator after all, Bleach Genius Creator.

Hope other(s) reading this blog may/would be kind enough comment and add some words that have amazed us over the years with what Kubo had done here, it is really amazing. Thank you in advance.

PS I don't recall seeing any Hollywood action movie/Disney cartoon/Marvel comics/other manga or anime where characters speaks off highly intelligence words just to showcase their capabilities. Enlightens me.

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